Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 CF T-Shirt

Last year I felt inspired when I came up with the design for the 2009 CF t-shirt. The idea just popped into my head and I was almost instantly convinced it was good enough to go to press. For those of you who purchased this shirt last year, the rose on the front is symbolic. Cystic Fibrosis is commonly referred to as 65 Roses. If you say 65 Roses out loud you will know why because it sounds much like Cystic Fibrosis and is much easier for children to pronounce. You can learn more about the history of 65 Roses here.


This year I was a little stumped mainly because I am pregnant and the baby is draining all my energy. I've been brainstorming for quite a while and I think I have finally come up with the design for 2010 CF T-Shirt. Of course I still have to work on creating the design for the back and choosing a new color for the shirt, initial thought is orange. I love the front of last years t-shirt and think it will remain the same.

Last years shirt had 2 print colors on the front (will remain) and 3 print colors on the back. This contributed greatly to the price so I am hoping to use only one color on the back so I can price the shirts much cheaper and still have a nice profit to donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Once the sun cooperates and gives me a little light I can capture the photograph I need to work on the design. I will then email my design to the screen printer for some quotes and share this information so I can begin taking preorders.

For those of you who are local to New Jersey, please mark your calendars for May 16th which is when we will all don our t-shirts and walk for Cystic Fibrosis and Nathan at Van Saun Park in Paramus.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

As for me, I recently ordered a new maternity swimsuit which arrived via UPS today! Ever since being pregnant with Nathan I've been a little apprehensive about wearing swimsuits. After picking out the coolest maternity swimsuit, I was totally not super excited to try it on.

I was not pleasantly surprised that it fit quite nicely. It was a little large in some areas but being that both pieces came as a set I couldn't order different sizes for top and bottom.

I did not promptly remove the swimsuit and begin doing leg lifts as soon as I saw my mommy thighs in the mirror. I could not have been totally disgusted by what I saw. I am however thankful that I tried my suit on early enough to work on those dreadful thighs.

On a different note, I did not mistakenly leave a tube of anti itch cream, meant for a women, near our diaper stash and specifically mention to my husband before stepping out of the house that he should pay close attention to the rash developing on Nathan's behind. Upon returning home I was not shocked to see the tube on the floor in a different place and immediately question if Jay applied this cream thinking it was for diaper rash. Thankfully he read the package before applying and decided against it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

One leg over

Some big changes happened yesterday in Nathan's world. After his afternoon nap Jay caught him with one leg over his crib rail. He has pushed himself up onto straightened arms several times but never one leg over. Nervous that he would fall and break his neck, we decided to make the transition from crib to toddler bed.

Of course I had to take one last photograph of his crib assembled.


I still remember the day my husband and I assembled the crib for the first time.

Transitioning from crib to toddler bed was an easy enough job, easy enough for a woman to do while her husband creates custom themes for his Blackberry. The theme he made was really cool. The crib rail came right off with an Allen key and 4 screws and the toddler rail went right in its place.

Nathan didn't seem to be bothered by the change, he climbed right in.

crib toddlerbed-2

While I folded laundry and removed hazardous furniture from the room Nathan explored. Up and down, up and down, up and down. I was beginning to worry that he would never actually stay in the bed.


My husband told me the first two photos in the above collage were a little creepy, kinda like Nathan had a twin. I love that little boy to death but to be quite honest I don't think I could handle two Nathan's, especially two Nathan's in the terrible twos.
Last night I barely got any sleep. I went to bed at 9:30 but was so nervous about the toddler bed. We covered the floor with blankets, giant stuffed animals and a bean bag chair just in case. Every time I heard the slightest noise I was instantly wide awake for at least an hour. I am almost positive Nathan was playing in the middle of the night even though my husband doesn't think so.

I was still so nervous even with the gate secured at the top of the stairs and all the doors closed with the exception of Nathan's and ours. This morning, as I lay wide awake in bed, Nathan decided to charge through our door and give us our 7:30 am wake up call. Perhaps we will use the pack n play for nap time, otherwise I don't think he will stay in bed at all.

Friday, March 26, 2010

terrible twos

Seriously the term terrible twos should be banished. It seems that most children, including Nathan, begin the terrible two stage much earlier than the age of two. I am sure I will be blessed with this behavior well into his third year as well, possibly even longer.

I wanted to post an amusing video this morning of something I learned from my dad but my pre terrible two year old has alternate plans, involving alot of demands and inappropriate behavior on his part. For me it's involves much frustration and tylenol every 4 hours.

I've gotten to the point where I've banned DVD's because he will not, no matter how many different ways I try to discipline him, leave the DVD player and receiver alone. At times his abuse of the television and components requires all plugs to be physically pulled from the wall. We most definitely can not afford to replace these electronics if he should destroy them.

He demands one show when he wants another show and constantly opens the DVD player scratching DVD's and shoving objects in that don't belong. He throws tantrums when we stop him. Nathan usually responds to any attempt to discipline him by laughing in our face.

And as I type this rather quick post he is pulling the cable box out of the TV storage unit and removing all the cables. Power cord and component cables are now disconnected. On that note, I think the video must wait a little longer before I begin to throw myself on the floor and have my own temper tantrum, including kicking and screaming.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It's Wednesday, halfway to the weekend. Not that it makes a difference to me since everyday is the same. Usually the arrival of Spring means freedom from the house but that doesn't seem to be the case this year. Last week the weather was gorgeous and we could at least enjoy open windows, time outdoors, and ice cream for dinner.


This week we've been enjoying rain, chilly temperatures, and wind. The food in our fridge is dwindling and being without a vehicle decreases the chances of restocking. It would be nice to break free from this house that is becoming my prison even if only to go grocery shopping. It seems that some people have the opinion that grocery shopping is my escape, something I enjoy...so NOT true. So until my job of keeping food in the fridge is taken seriously I guess we will just have to survive on what's remaining.

On a lighter note, my father stopped by this morning and showed me something that cracked me up. I am going to record a video to show you all later. After seeing what I considered magical, your lives will never be the same.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

New Jersey experienced a taste of Spring last week. Actually I think it was more like a taste of Summer. We spent our time walking to the playground, soaking up the sunshine, and cleaning the cars. I did not abandon wearing footwear because I care too much about my feet. I would never let my feet take a beating just so I could enjoy the feeling of warm pavement and grass.

At the end of the day when my feet were rough and callused I most definitely did not grab the nearest kitchen utensil resembling a PedEgg to take care of a serious case off itchy peeling skin. That would be a most disgusting thing to do.

Can anyone guess what kitchen utensil I did not use in lieu of the PedEgg that resides with the my other nail care supplies?

If I did use a cheese grater to smooth the rough skin on my feet I would have washed it immediately. There is no way I would have gotten caught up with the evening routine and left it on the kitchen counter until the following day, without warning my husband. Thank God none of this happened.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Me, not Nathan. I am horribly cranky even though I had ice cream with hot fudge for dinner tonight. The entire "one vehicle for my husband and I to share" is getting on my nerves. I am okay with the fact that we sold my Jeep because it saves us a tremendous amount of money per month but I did not anticipate the problems that would accompany the downsizing of car payments.

I knew there would be sporadic scheduling conflicts. What I did not expect were the daily scheduling conflicts. And guess what!? These conflicts usually leave me and Nathan stranded at home because of course I don't make any money. Again, I am cranky.

I've got my prenatal checkup tomorrow, which has been scheduled for a month but I can't go. My dad offered me one of his vehicles, his pickup truck that only has a front seat. I am very appreciative that he was generous enough to offer but I can't possibly safely install Nathan's car seat in the front passenger seat facing air bags.

I was thinking of renting a car but the more I think of it, I am just going to skip tomorrow's appointment. It is a hassle and I do NOT want to go. I was considering possibly leasing a cheap car but now that my previously perfect credit is destroyed I am sure that will be impossible. So maybe it is time to start looking for a reliable used junker.

So that being said, and Nathan being done with his bath, I am going to get my cranky tush off the computer and do Nathan's treatments so I can go to bed.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not "all done"

Yesterday was my father's birthday so I had invited some family over for a little party. I made dinner and my brother brought a cake. This is what I learned. Just because Nathan says he is "all done" with his meal does not necessarily mean he is "all done" eating.

He can be "all done" with his "cake cakes"(pancakes) but when he sees daddy take the leftover birthday cake out of the fridge he is magically not "all done".


As for me, I've been disconnected. My cell phone bit the big one yesterday. I had been charging the battery like this...


...for over a month. As of yesterday, no amount of cable jiggling or reposition would recharge my battery. Luckily my dad picked up a cell phone for me while he was out and saved me the trip to the store tomorrow. All I can say is thank God I was eligible for an upgrade. Now I have to figure out how to keep my lil destructo's hands off of it, and recover my contacts of course.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life ruled by doctors

Two weeks ago I took Nathan to a toddler gymnastics class, a class that meets every Thursday morning. I had all intentions of taking him again last Thursday but because of the two napless days he slept 16 hours (8pm - 12 pm). Actually he may have slept longer, I woke him up at 12 pm because I was beginning to get worried.

Today we couldn't make gymnastics because Nathan had an appointment to receive his monthly Synagis shot (to protect him from RSV). I guess I will try again next Thursday.

Sometimes it seems that our lives are ruled by doctors. But the good news is...today was his last monthly Synagis shot, these shots are only administered during the at risk months. Actually, I am not certain that this was the last shot but I don't really consider the month of April as an at risk month.

On top of the two Synagis injections Nathan also received two other recommended immunizations. Needless to say he wasn't happy and is now napping. Poor thing was tensing up his leg muscles and is sure to be sore. From the moment we stepped into the office he was saying bye-bye to everyone and was clinging to me. That little inferno was making me sweat from his heat transfer.

On the way home from the doctor we stopped at the bank for a lollipop and a bank check (to pay off my Jeep). I think the blue sucker took Nathan's mind right off what he had just been through.

While he naps, I've been getting stuff done. We are having family over tomorrow for my father's birthday so I really have to start thinking about dinner. Everyone might have to eat whatever I am craving. Currently a peach and mango smoothie and artichokes (the artichokes are not part of the smoothie)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It is somewhat of a gloomy St. Patrick's Day for me as I just sold and watched my Jeep Rubicon drive away. Don't get me wrong it is a gorgeous day in northern New Jersey but it is bittersweet. Financially, we will be better off without the Jeep but emotionally, silly as it may sound, I am saddened. I know that a vehicle is material and will not last forever but I just said goodbye to a very special part of my life.

I just shared some awesome memories with Nathan while prepping the car for sale. He climbed all over the seats and sat at the steering wheel while I vacuumed. He called out the window "daddy!" as Jay waxed the exterior. This, I will always remember. I will also remember driving with the windows out and the top down, the wind always left Nathan's hair looking funky. I will remember putting Nathan in his carseat from the side of the car through the open spaces or through the trunk, so much easier that climbing into the back seat. Fun memories.

For now, we will be a one car family and hopefully manage to salvage our home which is much more important than any vehicle. I feel blessed that my Jeep is going to have some great new owners who are going to love the vehicle just as much as I have. Ok, enough said.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Blackout Drapes

Yesterday I purchased some blackout drapes for Nathan's bedroom. I didn't cover the windows completely because I do not want him to need complete darkness to sleep.

Face it, there are times when he is going to have to sleep in different conditions. Not all of his friends are going to have blackout drapes when he attends a sleepover. Perhaps his college roommate will pull all nighters with the lights on.

Although it would be a nice perk if he would sleep past 7 am, I initially purchased the drapes to help him nap in the afternoon. For the record, he did not sleep past 7 am this morning. He is however napping at this moment, which is a great thing!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Moringa, what's left of it.

It all began toward the end of June 2009 (last year). I ordered and received two packages of Moringa tree seeds. I've never been particular successful with keeping any plant alive. It is true that I have a bit of a brown thumb but I am always up for a challenge. And a challenge it has been, NJ is anything BUT the tropical/subtropical environment that the Moringa tree favors.

Why Moringa? Moringa has tremendous nutritional value and is often referred to as the miracle tree because it produces so many useful vitamins and has so many uses for people. The leaves, leaf powder, pods, seeds, flowers, roots, and bark are all edible.

You can read more about the nutritional value found in the Moringa tree leaves here. It all sounds very promising if I can ever harvest some leaves. Wait until you see the updated photo of my plants post cold and dark winter, you will see why harvesting leaves proves to be problematic.

On day 24, I had 22 very lively looking Moringa tree seedlings.

moringa day24

I transplanted them after about two and half months and set them up under some tube lights. The leaves began to turn yellow and were dropping like flies. Oh and I almost forgot...after bringing the plants indoors toward the beginning of Autumn, I also brought in an infestation of fruit flies and aphids. This is not so much fun when the plants are housed in our home office. Just imagine sitting at the computer monitor and having to swat fruit flies left and right as they are attracted to the monitor...not fun at all!

Moringa day 77-1-2

The Moringa trees were looking more and more pathetic as the Winter months progressed and I was beginning to think my attempt to grow Moringa trees in the northeast was a complete failure. I knew I would have to post an update on my progress but was dreading it. This morning I cleaned the plants up a bit, loosened the soil, collected all the dead leaves and vacuumed our messy carpet.

After careful inspection, I think some may survive. I see a lot of little leaves starting to grow and you can see one nice and healthy tree toward the center.

They still look like sticks in the dirt but I have high hopes. From 22 seedlings down to 16 sticks in the dirt Moringa trees. There is one really large stick of a tree off the screen to the left.


And if you are wondering why each pot is sitting in half a milk carton, it is for drainage. My father in law helped me set up the milk containers with little pebbles at the bottom to make sure the roots of the trees wouldn't rot in the soil. I like this set up. It also prevents me from soiling our whitish carpet. I am sure I will be transplanting some of the remaining survives as Spring progresses. Now I just need to figure out how I am going to replace my milk container setup.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sweet tooth

It looks like I'm not the only one who craves watermelon.



I often complain that Nathan only wants to eat fruit. The only foods he requests by name are apples (encompasses most fruits including watermelon), gapes (grapes), and oh joo (oranges). But the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and I can't really blame him. If I had the choose to eat one food group for the rest of my life, I would most definitely pick fruits.

I updated the list of words as Nathan interprets them and will probably continue to do so as they pop into my head. I love toddler talk!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A few words according to Nathan

Binky used to be "b" but is now binky

Monkey is moon yay

Apple, orange, banana, watermelon are all apple or apple joo

Grape is gape

Mischa, our cat, is me - me

Baxter, our cat, is either Bah, NO-NO Cat!, or Bastar

Both grandpa's are Boppa

Aunt Megan is Mae Mae

Uncle Mark is Mah

Scruffy, grandpa and grandpa's cat, is scuffy

Bottle is ba ba

Strawberry milk is da berry

Orange juice is oh joo

Ice cream and yogurt are both I keem

Nathan's response to night night is a very frank no with a firm shake of the head back and forth. (This is also how he responds to most foods, with the addition of the hand block)

UPDATED March 12, 2010

Let go is Get GO

Don't touch is touch touch

Pancake is cake cake

Hot is hot ssss

Freeze is free

Yo Gabba Gabba is gabba

Words that sound like the real words are car, moon, eat, dog

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

16 weeks pregnant

Here is the 16 week baby belly. I am finally beginning to look pregnant instead of just chubby.

16 weeks belly-14-2

Previous baby belly photos:
12 week baby belly

Being 16 weeks pregnant can be difficult at times, to learn more about it, please visit PregnancyCorner.com.

More Wordless Wednesday at 5 Minutes For Mom.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Nationstar's Web of Lies

I've been having my husband keep on top of the mortgage company because frankly, after a year of trying to negotiate with them, I have been nothing but stressed. Stressing is what I do best but I am trying to minimize unnecessary stress especially while pregnant.

Two and a half weeks ago I wrote a post entitled "Not getting my hopes up.". I knew that would be the perfect title because I knew Nationstar was skilled at spinning webs of lies, just like Flagstar did to us before they transferred our mortgage. In short, we were "supposed" to receive a reply within two weeks. Two and a half weeks later with no clear answer my husband decided to call again.

Here is a recap of Jay's morning conversation with the mortgage company, good ole' Nationstar. In essence the representative apologized after acknowledging the review is taking longer (6 weeks) than usual (4 weeks) but he still cannot give us a clear answer (surprise! surprise!). His best guess (not good enough for me) would be another month but he does not want to be held to that (surprise again).

Hmpf! I don't really want to move 9 months pregnant but at least I wouldn't have to do any of the heavy lifting, sorry Jay ... just trying to ease my anxiety with some humor.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Look who

Can you guess which little boy now keeps hats on his head without yanking them off moments later?


He has been wearing his baseball hat outside these past two gorgeous days. Nathan used to hates hats and the sun in his eyes, but I think he is beginning to understand that baseball hats keep the sun out of his eyes.

I realized this when I was changing his diaper on the bedroom floor this morning. The sun was in his eyes and before I could shift him out of the sun he reached across the floor for one of his baseball hats and covered his entire face with it.

Here his is with the hat he won from Blaze's mommy. I can knit but I definitely can not crochet, Shana has talent for sure. Nathan doesn't seem to mind wearing this hat either. I put it on his head and he continued to play with his matchbox cars like nothing had happened. He looks a bit like a little rastafarian, my cute little rastafarian.

blazes hat2

Here are some more photos of Nathan wearing hats.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just because

I'd rather look at photographs of Nathan from last March.

March 2009 collage

I woke up well rested and less stressed so I think I'd like to push last night's post farther down the page.

PS. Comments are currently not working so don't think it is a problem on your end. I managed to get rid of my Disqus comment system but am working on getting everything back to normal. It is quite frustrating but I will figure it out.

UPDATE: Disqus is gone and Blogger comments are back. Please let me know if you come across any problems. Now I just have to figure out how to import my Disqus comments back to Blogger.

Friday, March 5, 2010

In need of decompression

And also in need of some sleep but not sure if I can physically fall asleep. Isn't it funny how sometimes you are so exhausted but your mind won't relax, that is exactly how I feel. In fact this is a post that probably shouldn't even be published because I doubt anybody wants to read the thoughts I am getting off my chest. I am limited myself to ten minutes of typing since it has been a long day, a day where anything that could go wrong did go wrong. This day was most likely a series of tests from God, all of which I failed terribly.

It all started to go downhill during the ten minute drive home from my dad's house. Nathan fell asleep less than 5 minutes from home, which concluded his afternoon nap. This 5 minute nap energized him enough for me to commence his morning treatments. Oh I almost forgot to mention that all of our nebulizers were in need of sterilizing. So that meant I had to boil nebulizers instead of starting treatments on a half asleep son. A good 5-10 minutes for him to get going. After treatments I hoped and prayed I could put him in his crib and get him to fall asleep and take a decent nap, I was wrong.

Jay is working late so I was left to manage evening treatments on my own as well. Similar problems. Sterile nebulizers but when it came to the Vest and Nathan asked for his binky, there was not a single one in sight (we have a dozen). The tube popped out of the compressor and the phone rings at the same moment...and I am sure by the time I finish typing this post Nathan will begin crying in his crib for one reason or another.

But this isn't what is on my chest. These are just small incidents that have been compounding all day and have excacerbated my real stress - finances. Not really something I want to talk about, not to family, not to friends. Undoubtedly some will read this, I still don't want to talk about it. I am just sending my stress out into cyberspace so I can get some decent sleep this evening.

Our financial situation is bleak. I won't elaborate much but I am beginning to worry. Some bills are piling up. We still haven't gotten our mortgage modification, a year after I first contacted our initial mortgage company. It seems like they occasionally give us false hope that our modification will go through but we have nothing left to give them. It is only a matter of time now. And I am just trying to pay our other bills but it looks like I am going to have to begin prioritizing which bills get paid. It is so sad, never in my wildest dreams did I picture myself in this situation.

I could go on and on but my ten minutes is up. I have gotten some of the stress of my chest and may now possibly be able to fall asleep. Pardon the typos, I can't proofread at the moment. I appreciate the prayers and the kind thoughts everyone will be sending my way. Sorry to decompress on all of you.

Still so stinking cute...

Regardless of the trouble he causes,

Despite the mess he makes,

He is still so stinking cute!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Toddler Gymnastics

This morning Nathan and I finally made it to the toddler gymnastics class I've been talking about for months. Better yet we were only a few minutes late which for me is a huge thing to brag about. The classes are held weekly at the same gymnastics studio I attended as a little girl only a new location. It was like a walk down memory lane, back to my blondie blonde hair and pigtail years.

new pics 019

When I initially learned of the toddler class I was concerned that Nathan wouldn't be ready for organized instruction, like stretching and following directions. So I decided to hold off a few months, I didn't want Nathan to be a distraction for the other kids.

Then I discovered two little things, endless energy and resistance to naps, and quickly had a change of heart. He was ready for the class!!!

But then all sorts of obstacles were getting in our way, if it wasn't one thing (doctor's appointments) it was another (snow closings). Today I was determined to make it as close to on time as possible and we made it!!

I gave a big hug to my instructor and Nathan and I headed into the class. He decided he wanted nothing to do with gymnastics and was crying and repeatedly saying "bye bye". He resisted everything that should have been fun - stretching, hopping across the tumble track, running around, walking across the balance beams, crawling through the tunnel, rolling down the ramps, and climbing.

But then when I decided to leave him alone and let him watch the other kids. He started to dance to the music off to the side and then they brought the balls out!! In an instant Nathan fell in love with his gymnastics class, all they had to do was give him some bouncy balls.

We are going to try again next week, apparently it takes most kids a few weeks to warm up to the class. Even with the initial shed of tears we both had a fantastic time. Sorry no photos of Nathan doing gymnastics this time, maybe I will bring hubby or grandpa next time to watch and snap a photo or two.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

15 weeks pregnant

Today marks 15 weeks in the pregnancy. I am still exhausted, today especially.

Nathan has not been sleeping well. He cries out in his sleep and it has been keeping me awake both during the night and during his daytime nap. He seems to be battling some congestion and has been bothered by postnasal drip over the past week. A dose of Benadryl before bed has been helping a little.

He has also been eating poorly. For instance, I gave him his morning bottle along with 4 enzymes and he doesn't even drink half. Then I try another two enzymes a half our later when he starts to drink it again and then he stops again. Then he ultimately finishes the bottle at some point without enzymes. Therefore every diaper I change is some sort of poo diaper. It is really getting old especially for my cloth diaper routine.

I am not going to post a 15 week baby belly photo because to be honest it hasn't changed much since week 12.

I am still nauseous every evening but have been keeping my meals down the past few nights. I am still down a few pounds from my starting weight. With Nathan I had already been up about 15 pounds by now, but I was also 30 pounds lighter to begin with.

That's really about it. I am cranky. Tired of giving too many doses of enzymes for Nathan not to eat. Tired of Nathan eating when he hasn't had enzymes. Tired of changing poo diapers. Tired of washing diapers. Tired of not sleeping well. Tired of being nauseous. Just cranky I guess. Hoping for some better days and weeks to come.

One thing I am excited about, I ordered a set of woodworking plans today. Something I hope to build with the help of my father in law for the new baby come Spring. This I am super excited about. I love building things, like this project we built together. Aww, look how young Nathan looked in that post.

Being 15 weeks pregnant can be difficult at times, to learn more about it, please visit PregnancyCorner.com

Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I am almost 15 weeks pregnant which means I have 3 more weeks until I go for the "gender" ultrasound. Finding out the gender of our baby to be is of little importance to us. In all honesty, we never had a desire to know the gender in advance with Nathan and enjoyed the big surprise at the end. It would only be natural for us to feel the same with this pregnancy. There is no way I would be so anxious to find out the gender this time when I couldn't have cared less last time.

Since I am such a patient person I would never be tempted to purchase an over the counter urine test that can predict the gender as early as 10 weeks. I did not actually buy this test knowing that it was only 82-90% accurate. If I had purchased a cup to pee in that would magically tell me the gender of my baby, I would not have paid over $40 for it. Do not even bother asking me about the results because remember, I never bought the test (actually I may have come to my senses and returned it {grin}.