Wednesday, April 21, 2010

22 weeks pregnant

Last Tuesday we had our 21 week ultrasound. I was scheduled for a level 2 anatomy scan because of possibility of the baby being born with Cystic Fibrosis.

Not only was I measuring properly for 21 weeks gestation but everything looked normal and we found out the gender. This was a new experience for us as we did not find out the gender with our first pregnancy. My husband and I were both expecting the technician to tell us we were having a boy and were shocked when she said "It's a GIRL!". At this point I couldn't stop giggling like a little school girl. I don't know how she continued to take all the measurements and screen shots she need.

On the way home from the ultrasound I stopped at the mall with my mother in law just to pick up a few items, all on sale of course. As always she found better sales than I did. The next day I went on a small online shopping spree for a few newborn necessities since people rarely buy size newborn as gifts.

This week I had a prenatal checkup and again everything looked and sounded good. I talked to my midwife about some of my delivery concerns. I am contemplating having a natural water birth but have concerns. We do not know if our baby girl with have CF and will most likely not be finding out unless one of our next ultrasounds reveals echogenic bowel*. What would happen if I delivered as planned and the baby was born with muconeum ileus**? No doubt the baby would be transferred to a nearby medical center for surgery. You better believe that if this happens I will not be staying at the hospital where I delivered. So many unknowns. It may seem that I am not scared but the truth is - I am.

* echogenic bowel - increased brightness of the fetal bowel noted on second trimester ultrasound

** muconeum ileus - an obstruction in the lower part of the small intestine caused by very thick meconium (material that collects in the GI tract of the fetus)

And a 22 week baby belly photo.

22 weeks baby belly

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