Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Desperate times...

...call for desperate measures.

41 weeks ddr

Dance Dance Revolution may have helped kick start my labor when I was pregnant with Nathan. The "pregano" has not done a thing for me this time around, so we will see if DDR lives up to its record.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Almost 41 weeks pregnant

Here is my "almost 41 week" baby belly photo:


Honestly, I don't feel any more discomfort than I did at 39 and 40 weeks pregnant. I certainly don't feel any better or feel like being pregnant much longer but I am not suffering terribly, possibly thanks to air conditioning.

My husband and I will be heading off to our "almost 41 week" prenatal appointment. I said it last Monday and I will say it again, hopefully this will be the last prenatal appointment.

Even Nathan stares at the empty car seat in the car saying "baby". Soon enough, baby boy...soon enough. Until then you can enjoy rocking in your little sister's infant/toddler rocking chair and batting at the hanging toys. We didn't purchase many new baby items but the infant to toddler rocker from Fisher Price was one of the best purchases since it can technically be for both children (up to 40 pounds), not at the same time though.

Hopefully today's belly photo is the last of the baby belly photos. Click here to see my previous baby belly photos.

Being 40 weeks pregnant can be difficult at times, to learn more about it, please visit PregnancyCorner.com.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A little boy who knows what he wants

First he gets us in the car under the pretense that he wants and is actually going to eat a bagel. Then as we begin our drive to the bagel store he starts repeating "see Ay-en, see Ay-en, see Ay-en". For the record, Ay-en = Ayden.

I run into the bagel store to get the bagel with butter that Nathan never had any intention of eating and then we drive to Grandma and Grandpa's house to bounce in the bounce house. Pulling up their road, Nathan tells us "other way, other way". When we arrive at Grandma and Grandpa's house he decides to take matters into his own hands...

I guess he figured if we wouldn't take him to Ayden, he would take himself.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Full-Term and Post-Term Pregnancy

Now that I am 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant, I've noticed a pattern to the questions people have been asking me - You are still pregnant? Are you going to be induced? How late will the midwives let you deliver?

It seems to me that full-term and post-term pregnancies are not the norm. I may be wrong but I participate in birth forums and notice that most of the women with estimated due dates within a week of my own due date have already had scheduled c sections or have been induced. Not that I have anything against their decisions, it just makes me wonder. I can see why intervention would be necessary in certain circumstances but really don't understand the point of being induced because the mother is uncomfortable being pregnant or because the obstetrician wants a more ideal schedule - no surprise late night deliveries.

I delivered Nathan 3 days late. After being threatened with induction I went into labor naturally just in time. I was still technically considered full term since post-term (overdue) pregnancy doesn't begin until after 41 weeks gestation. For this pregnancy I hope to deliver before I am considered overdue, preferably today, but I also have post date testing scheduled for the 41 week mark just in case where they will perform a biophysical stress test and an ultrasound to make sure the baby is healthy. At that point, induction may be necessary or I may be able to wait a little longer for natural labor to kick in.

Now, I am not completely knowledgeable of what research has been done in the area of children being born of varying gestational ages with Cystic Fibrosis but, I can speculate according to my own knowledge of science and Biology. If our daughter happens to be born with Cystic Fibrosis I would prefer her to be born with mature lungs and a healthy birth weight. In essence, I would like to fatten her up as much as possible before she is born and becomes entirely dependent on her own digestive system. I am pretty sure her lungs are well developed at this point but I did not want to deliver prematurely if possible.

I am so thankful that I have midwives that are on the same page as I am. Now I continue to wait -- and walk -- and try to naturally induce labor. Hopefully I will be giving birth to a healthy baby girl very soon and will be breastfeeding her. I would choose to breastfeed her regardless of whether or not she is born with Cystic Fibrosis but this decision is extremely important if she does in fact have CF.

In times past, breastfeeding was discouraged for CF because the emphasis was on high weight gain but in the context of overall health breast milk is now encouraged for multiple reasons:
  • breast milk is highly digestible and contains its own lipase (the enzyme that helps digest fat) reducing the incidence of intestinal blockage
  • breast milk has antibacterial and antiviral properties (reducing the severity of respiratory and gastrointestinal infections)
  • breast milk contains vitamins and minerals in the form the makes them most easily absorbed
  • breast milk helps to reestablish the healthy gut environment that antibiotics often disrupt
All of the above properties make breastfeeding highly beneficial to children with Cystic Fibrosis. But then again breastfeeding is a highly beneficial form of nourishment for any child.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two Years Today

I can't believe that two years ago today I gave birth to Nathan. I have been terribly anxious about missing out on his birthday being that I am also due to deliver his little sister today but I was able to hold out!!! I would have preferred not to be pregnant anymore but being able to spend this special day with my son is priceless and I wouldn't trade it for anything, including a non pregnant body.

I am so thankful that God has blessed our family with this very special boy. Nathan, we love you and are so proud to call you our son!

We wanted to make the day as special as possible for Nathan. The day began with a surprise visit from Grandpa Bill, who came bearing gifts...a birthday balloon, a Matchbox ATV, and bagels. He brought more gifts but we are waiting for Grandma to come over after work.

Then we brought Nathan to play at an indoor play area! It has been quite some time since his last visit.

Nathan 2nd Bday-6-2

Nathan 2nd Bday-7-2

He has become much more comfortable with climbing and playing...

Nathan 2nd Bday-26-2

...and so has his buddy, Ayden. We couldn't celebrate Natahan's 2nd birthday without Ayden, could we?

Nathan 2nd Bday-45-2

And in a few hours we shall sing Happy Jeebee (Happy Birthday) and eat cake with Grandpa Frank, Grandma Eileen, and Grandpa Bill...and possible Uncle Mark and Aunt Erika.

What a great day!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Holding Out

Today I went to what was hopefully my last prenatal appointment. The midwife said I am progressing nicely towards the onset of labor but it is not yet imminent. I think my body is holding out until after Nathan's birthday on Wednesday. I am extremely anxious about not being able to spend the day with my baby boy. I know he is almost 2 years old but he will always be my baby boy.

Luckily, the midwife thinks it is very possible that I will be able to enjoy spending Wednesday with my birthday boy before going into labor. Unfortunately, she also said that it is also very possible that one strong contraction can come along and get things moving rather quickly, being that this is my second childbirth and all. I guess only time will tell.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

As we wait...

...we continue to enjoy our one on one time with our only son.

...we admire the preparations we have made for Teagan's arrival.

cradle complete

...we contemplate what our life will be like as a family of four and we like what we see.

Please excuse the brevity of my most recent posts, as you can imagine my almost 40 week pregnant body is just trying to make it through each day. Now I must return to cuddling with my family on this rainy and gloomy Sunday morning.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eating Days

Some days are eating days and some days aren't.

Today just happens to be one of the eating kinda days.

It is a rare occurence but when they do happen we are all ecstatic.

Nathan smothered yogurt on his buttered everything bagel for breakfast. Why must all flavored yogurt be low fat or fat free? Why must all whole milk yogurt be plain and in huge containers? Nathan likes the single serving cups of strawberry yogurt...Hmpf.

Cell phone pics-437

For lunch, after we visited Nathan's best friend Ayden (and his new baby brother, Landyn), Nathan begged for McDonald's (Donnals) french fries (feh fies) and vanilla milk shake (shake).

Cell phone pics-438

I love watching Nathan eat. I get excited every single time!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Soon enough...

she will be in my arms

39 week belly with name

and it will be love at first sight.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Still pregnant. In fact, 39 weeks.

Not much energy left around here. I am the heaviest I have ever been and my joints are screaming in pain. Even my fingers and toes are aching.

Our month of dog sitting is finally over. This is a huge relief knowing that I can go into labor at any moment.

I decided that it is time. Not time to have the baby, she will let me know when she is good and ready, but time to throw the towel in. I am officially forcing myself to be done "nesting". I can no longer keep up with what I want to accomplish and must take it easy before I hurt myself (39 weeks pregnant, painting on a ladder - not a good idea). The house is just going to have to be good enough for baby girl to come home to and probably spend the first month or so of life in. This mama is taking some time off from housework and projects (with the exception of that beautiful baby cradle that is so close to being finished).

Click here to see baby belly photos.

Being 39 weeks pregnant can be difficult at times, to learn more about it, please visit PregnancyCorner.com.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Building a Baby Cradle (Days 12-14)

Last time I posted a cradle update was on day 11. I am really not quite sure what day we are on but if I had to guess it would be day 14.

We spent two days staining and one day applying a clear coat. My father in law has sprayed 2 coats of polycrylic clear on today and will be applying a few more coats tomorrow. Other than that and the time it will take to dry completely, I think the baby cradle is pretty much complete.


With the 39th week of being pregnant quickly approaching and exhaustion really beginning to set in, I've been trying to protect my belly from Nathan's cannonballs. While my energy is disappearing, Nathan is bursting at the seams with energy.

He is becoming a little daredevil. His latest stunt is climbing up on top of the sofa back and jumping down onto me. I am doing my best to protect Nathan from cannonballing onto the floor while at the same time trying to protect the new baby. I really don't want to deliver early because I've been injured by these cannonballs.

At the same time, I am beginning to get emotional thinking about the day we become a family of 4. I am going to have an extremely difficult time leaving Nathan, kissing my only child goodnight for the last time. I hope he loves and adjusts to his new sister easily. I love Nathan, cannonballs and all, and am going to miss our one on one time.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I'm in the final stretch of this pregnancy and it seems like one day is running into the next. I just realized moments ago that it is actually Sunday and not Monday as I had thought all morning.

I've come to rely on lists. Lists of things to purchase, to pack, to clean, to organize...etc. No sooner do I cross one item off a list do I add another item. Finally, after scrubbing the seats of our car and vacuuming the carpets, I feel satisfied enough to install the car seats. That doesn't mean I won't be cleaning the windows or washing the exterior if time permits.

I've finished rough drafts of both Nathan's "care plan" and my "birth plan", refilled all of Nathan's prescriptions, and have 3 walls out of 4 painted in the nursery. My father in law helped me stain the cradle and once it dries he will be spraying on a polycrylic clear coat.

Once my dad returns from vacation on Wednesday and picks up his dog that we've been watching for the past 3 and a half weeks, I will feel comfortable delivering our baby girl at any time. I just hopes she waits until we no longer have the dog because she makes life more complicated than it already is. She is a sweet dog but we do have our hands more than full. But for the record, I am really excited to see my dad and his girlfriend after their month long vacation.

Alright, back to lying on the sofa, listening to my little guy not nap. I am exhausted, the lists can wait until tomorrow.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sputum Results

It's been over two weeks since Nathan's last visit to the CF clinic and I completely forgot to follow up for his sputum results. I guess I assumed no news was good news and that is exactly what I heard when I spoke with Dr. A today.

No pseudomonas for the 3rd culture in a row. He is still growing staph but again they are just keeping an eye on it. Dr. A recommends a bronchoscopy to ensure the pseudomonas has indeed been eradicated. Luckily he understands that I am about to pop at any time now and will schedule the bronchoscopy in October sometime.

But in the meantime I really need to take care of Nathan's annual bloodwork and chest xray. It will be much easier to take care of this now before our family grows.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Newborn Fluff

Can you believe that this photograph shows the same amount of newborn prefolds before and after "prepping" (repeated cycles of hot washing and hot drying to increase the absorbency of the cloth)?

newborn fluff b&a

I promise there are 2 dozen newborn prefolds in each pile, but the prefolds in the second pile are soft and fluffy and perfect for a newborn tush.

I do have more diapers that Nathan has outgrown but are still too large for a newborn. But of course they have already been previously "prepped".

So here is our stash of newborn fluff, just waiting to be worn by our baby girl.

newborn fluff-1

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

38 weeks pregnant

I've been nesting for the majority of the 2nd and 3rd trimester but holy moly has there been a surge in my nesting this past week. I have been having uncontrollable urges to organize our house and tie up loose ends on my one million projects.

Jay should be able to start staining the cradle and painting the nursery tomorrow. I've done load after load of laundry and vacuumed the same spots several times. I've been meaning to install the car seat but for some reason I have the urge to scrub the seats of our car first.

My feet are so sore. Let me describe it this way: I feel like I have been walking around and standing in line at Disney World all day long, or perhaps dancing in high heels at a wedding. The pads of my feet feel swollen and sore.

My groin is killing me whether I am walking, standing, squatting, bending, sitting, or lying down.

And here is my 38 week baby belly:

38 week belly-1

Click here to see more baby belly photos.

Being 38 weeks pregnant can be difficult at times, to learn more about it, please visit PregnancyCorner.com.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Building a Baby Cradle (Days 9-11)

11 working days into the baby cradle project.

baby cradle days 9-11

The cradle basket is complete. Today the legs should be finished. We found a decent water based stain that matches our master bedroom furniture and will apply a polycrylic (not polyurethane) clear coat.

In the meantime I have been doing load after load of laundry trying to get these prefolds


ready for our soon to be newborn baby girl.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Crazy Busy Baby Prep

So much has been going on recently, so much that I am surprised I haven't already met our newest baby. I have been surprised in more ways than one but I will get to that in a moment.

Friday I started working on recovering Nathan's brown and green car seat. After two and a half days slaving at my sewing machine like this

car seat cover2

I can consider "Project Recover Car Seat" a success, complete with lots of soft pink, satin, velvet, ruffles and flowers.

car seat cover-1

While I was sewing, I assumed my husband was doing a little nesting of his own because the house hasn't looked like this in quite some time.

baby sprinkle-1

Immediately after I finished sewing the last bits of binding on the canopy, I was sent to the store to prepare for our friends, one of whom is an electrician, to come over. Timmy came to help out with the electrical situation in our basement since our old office is now our new nursery.

When I returned home an hour later, I was totally taken by surprise when I walked in to find my friends and family coming together to celebrate my baby sprinkle. Even my friend Breanne, a week and a half away from her own due date, was able to attend.

baby sprinkle-1-2

Older friends

baby sprinkle-1-15

Newer friends

baby sprinkle


baby sprinkle-1-8

And even some men

(Timmmmmmmaaay and Jay)
baby sprinkle-1-6

(The man behind the tools, aka. Grandpa Bill)
baby sprinkle-1-9

I had some help opening gifts, which was really nice considering I couldn't reach the bottom of the gift bags.

baby sprinkle-1-7

PS...Do you see that step stool? It just happens to be hand painted by my friend Breanne's very talented mother...with our baby girl's name on it!!! Don't you just wish you could manipulate the photograph and turn that darn step stool?

While Ayden was investigating the car seat...
(Don't worry Ayden, your baby brother has not yet arrived and neither has Nathan's little sister.)

baby sprinkle-1-13

Nathan was getting a little help opening one of his sister's gifts.

baby sprinkle-1-3

I don't think he so sure about this "Mickey" doll.

baby sprinkle-1-5

And finally, we all enjoyed some chocolate, chocolate, chocolate cake. There can never be too much chocolate.

baby sprinkle-1-10

And of course a photo with my mother in law...

baby sprinkle-1-12

and my mom's sister (my "2nd mom")

baby sprinkle-1-11

Lots of photos because there is just so much going on. Remember, my life is crazy busy right now, crazy busy baby prep. My thoughts are scattered and so is my post.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Huge Accomplishment

I'm not talking about the car seat recovering process, although that is a huge accomplishment for me. (Before moving onto the real huge accomplishment, the car seat cover is finished and the canopy is so close to being finished. I am saving the rest for tomorrow when I will hopefully feel rested.)

And the real huge accomplishment is...

{drum roll, please}


Nathan now wears sunglasses!! I guess he will do whatever daddy tells him to do. All three of us ran around the house screaming "cool" and "yay". For the record, this is the first time Nathan has allowed sunglasses to stay on his face for more than a split second. Since he hates the sun in his eyes we are pretty excited and hope he will continue to wear sunglasses while we are outside.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Car seat cover progress

After a total of about 6 hours of work, this is what I have accomplished.

car seat cover-1

My eyes are burning and my body is tired. All I have yet to do on the actual cover is cut the slits and attach the two strands of elastic. I don't know why I am intimidated by elastic but hopefully tomorrow I will be a pro because Nathan has two cloth diapers that need their elastics replaced.

Other than that I still have yet to begin the canopy. I figured the cover was the most important piece to finish considering I had the old cover in pieces to use as a pattern and baby girl can't come home from the hospital without a car seat. That said, I need to rehydrate and lift my feet so baby girl will give me the time I need to finish all my projects. Nesting has a strange way of manifesting in this household.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Jay has Nathan completely obsessed with Mario Kart. Nathan grabs the remote, brings it to one of us, and asks for "mario mo-cycle".

He loves to watch daddy win, especially during treatments. When Jay wins Nathan screams "Yay, daddy!" and when he loses Nathan consoles him by saying "Sorry, daddy".

When Jay is working, Nathan asks me to play. I typically try to distract him with something else since I don't really care to play but this morning I figured I would try to hold the remote with one hand while holding Nathan's nebulizer in my other hand.

Apparently Jay has Nathan trained though. I had the remote in one hand and the nebulizer cup in my other hand and Nathan said "hold it" and took the cup from me so I could hold the remote with both hands.


I couldn't believe it. He held his own nebulizer cup for the full 30 minutes and when his Vest turned off, he put the cup down and started unfastening the velcro on the shoulders of his Vest.

What a big boy.


My almost 2 year old, so mature, and totally in love with his daddy.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Full Term" - 37 weeks pregnant

It seems surreal that my due date is only 3 weeks from today. I have so much that I would still like to do before our baby girl arrives but knowing that she is considered "full term" makes me realize that she will be here very soon. Not that I really have to accomplish everything on my ever growing prepare for baby to do list, but it would be nice to do as much as I can.

The cradle is coming along. My father in law has been working on it a few hours every day. He worked without me for the past two days (Days 10-11). I am excited to start assembling!

The next project on my list, which was just recently added, is to sew a new cover for the car seat. The fabric should arrive tomorrow but I won't be sewing until Friday when my extra brain and friend, Kelly, will be here.

car seat swatch

Of course I will share photos when I complete the project, hopefully Friday. You know there will be ruffles somewhere on the new car seat!

Here is a belly photo from week 36.

36 week maternity photo

Click here to see more baby belly photos.

Being 37 weeks pregnant can be difficult at times, to learn more about it, please visit PregnancyCorner.com.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Building a Baby Cradle (Day 9)

Just a few more holes and grooves and a ton of sanding until it is assembly time!!!!!!!!!!!

Cradle Day 9

I really can't believe how much time is involved in completing this project. Thank God I have a willing (and able) helper.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Taking candy from a baby

It's not as easy as you may think.

Jay's twin cousins celebrated their 4 birthday yesterday. At their party there was a pinata in the shape of a cowboy boot. The boot must have been a steel toe boot because nobody could make a dent in it, not even our uncle's fist.

Nathan gave it his best shot. I doubt he knew what was inside but what little boy could pass up smashing something with a bat?

twin bday1

After everyone had their turn, the indestructible boot was turned upside down. With a shake or two, the candy was sprinkled all over the lawn. Then came the stampede of kids...and Jay.

twin bday2

Apparently taking candy from babies, or should I say kids, is really not as easy as you would think. Judging by the following photo, which I am adding to the "Jay fell asleep" collection, taking candy from kids is hard work. At least Nathan reaped the benefits.

twin bday3