Thursday, September 30, 2010

CF sucks {sickness, annual results, and more newborn screening}

I had a conversation with Nathan's CF doctor last night regarding his annual blood work and chest x-ray, among other things.

The chest x-ray showed no cause for concern. As for the blood work, his vitamin levels were normal but his hemoglobin was still low, he must take after his mama. He was supposed to be taking an iron supplement but with all the medications and supplements he takes everyday this is the one that always seemed to slip through the cracks. I feel terrible that I have been forgetting to give him this supplement. It is my fault that Nathan still has "tired blood".

Iron makes hemoglobin which is responsible for carrying oxygen to vital organs and muscles. So essentially "tired blood" results in a "tired body", a body that can't effectively fight infections. Nathan does show some of the signs of anemia, like paleness and irritability, but he does not show others, like weakness and fatigue. Either way, I will be faithfully making sure he gets his daily dose of iron in supplement form until I can get him to accept some of the iron rich food sources. I doubt I will be successful in getting him to eat liver, but beef may be a possibility. Maybe I will see if he will drink prune juice because I know he loves most juices and 8 ounces of prune juice has nearly as much iron as 4 ounces of beef.

His glucose levels were slightly elevated on the blood work up but it was probably because Nathan was not fasting. Whatever he did eat that morning was most likely something sweet.

While I had the doctor on the phone I also mentioned Nathan's recent junky cough. He always has a cough but I have come to pay particular attention to the type and frequency of the cough. Aside from the vomiting on Sunday and the extreme fatique on Monday, Nathan is acting just like Nathan again but with a junky cough. We are doing additional treatments mid-day and if the cough is not sounding better by Monday he may be going on an antibiotic.

I also let Nathan's pulmonologist know about the results of Teagan's newborn screening. He told me it was great news that the screening came back "within normal limits". We are still going to perform a sweat test on her when she is a little bit older though just to be 100% certain especially since only one of our mutations (Delta F508) is on the newborn screening panel. As of now, and as long as she is gaining weight properly and having no lung issues, I will consider Teagan "CF free". Although the sweat test down the road will help put my mind completely at ease.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday {almost time for a new photo}

teagan sept 2010

Ok...almost wordless. I can't believe our baby girl will be one month old on Saturday. It seems like yesterday that I gave birth and was love stricken by our sweet little Teagan.

For more Wordless Wednesday see 5 Minutes for Mom.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Within normal limits...

Being that I still had not heard anything regarding the results of Teagan's newborn screening test, I decided that it was time to call the pediatrician and ask some questions.

At the initial visit to the pediatrician, I was told that no news is good news. But that is not good enough for me, what if paperwork got misplaced and Teagan dropped through the cracks, possibly undiagnosed? So, I asked if the doctor could fax a request to receive the newborn screening test results from the hospital, normal or abnormal whatever they may be.

With Nathan, the first screening indicated that a problem may be present. The screening was not within the normal limits for the Delta F508 gene mutation. I had to bring him back to the hospital for a second diagnostic test to confirm that he had this Cystic Fibrosis gene mutation. Then came the sweat tests and fecal elastase tests.

Kathy, the secretary at the pediatrician, seemed confused when I asked about the newborn screening results but after I explained she decided to check the file. She placed me on hold and moments later came back on the line and asked what exactly I was concerned about. I responded, "My son has Cystic Fibrosis. I want to make sure that if my daughter's screening is abnormal, I know about it."...

...and then she said...

"Everything is within normal limits"

I am assuming this is the news I have been waiting for and wanting to hear but for some reason I still can't accept it. Why am I always looking to be disappointed? So here I am, sitting here googling phrases such as - "what does it mean if newborn screening test results are within normal limits?".

But really, doesn't this mean that she is ok?

If so, then it's time to breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate!!!

Something is brewing

Some of you may have cringed at my description of Nathan's vomit yesterday, it was all that and more. Just think of the stench that still lingers in our car. I have already decontaminated his car seat but have yet to get down and dirty with the back seat of our car.

I guess my point is that something is brewing inside my lil CFer.


He did enjoy his day at the apple orchard, filling his empty belly with apple after apple, but you can see he was not completely himself. For the past several days he has had a stream of snot dripping from his nose down his face. The snot was clear at the orchard but occasionally it has a tinge of green to it, maybe just dried boogers?

Lovely, I have resorted to describing vomit and boogers. At least I am not describing his CF poop for once, but I can do that too if you want. Nah, I won't.

Nathan has been skipping naps the past few days because of the hussle and bussle of the weekend activities. Sunday night we started his treatments early and had him in bed by 7 pm. I gave him a very small dose of Dimetap because he sounded extremely congested and had trouble breathing through his nose. Ideally, you don't want to give CFer's anything to dry out the mucous, especially since we just spent over a half hour doing treatments to loosen up the mucous, but I did not want him to lose any more sleep. Being run down doesn't help you fight sickness.

I heard him wake up briefly in the middle of the night while I was breastfeeding Teagan but he fell back to sleep and did not wake again until nearly 11 am. At that point he came downstairs and was very lethargic on the sofa until we did he treatments. He fell asleep again on his own, which is not very Nathan-like, and slept for 3 more hours.

He seems to have a little more energy today but I am keeping a close eye on him. He sounds more congested and has been coughing more than usual. I hate for him to be feeling under the weather. Just praying that he can bounce back quickly before any infection starts brewing in his lungs.

Monday, September 27, 2010

How do you like them apples?

Nathan likes them, a lot. He was in 7th Heaven yesterday at the orchard where we met some family to go apple picking.


The day was not without its ups and downs because we like to keep life interesting around here. On the way to the orchard Nathan threw up, not just a little throw up but a lot of pink strawberry milk colored cottage cheese like chunks. Sorry about that description, I don't know how to describe vomit any other way.

He was covered, shirt to shoes. So much for an "apple picking outfit". My jeans and sandals were also in the line of fire. He was upset afterward because he was covered in his own vomit, and so was his car seat, he kept saying "Uh oh, mama". I tried to clean him off the best I could before we got to the orchard.

We contemplated heading home and aborting our outing but we thought Nathan would feel better spending some time outside in the fresh air with one of his favorite fruits. I almost thought Nathan would be picking apples in his diaper but I had packed an extra shirt for him and my Aunt had an extra pair of shorts.

When we found our picnic spot, it didn't take Nathan long to spot the apples in the trees.


Nathan was attracted instantly to my Uncle. He kept sharing his half eaten apples with him.


Then he buddied up with his older cousins, Benny and Harrison. I am glad he didn't figure out how to follow them up into the apple tree.



Even Teagan enjoyed the apple orchard. Here she is in my cousin, Bethany's arms probably dreaming about boobs judging by where her hand is placed.


...and relaxing with my Aunt...


I am glad we decided to hang around. Now I need to figure out how I am going to use all these pie, apple crumb cake, baked apples, apples and pork chops, applesauce... Yummy!


I love this boy!!!!


Friday, September 24, 2010

The finicky eater...

My finicky eater has suddenly become more accepting of food. I've learned that erratic eating habits and being picky is quite normal behavior for a toddler. Of course, when it is your child who is not eating and is quite adament about not eating, it can create some anxiety. For me, the anxiety about food is much worse since Nathan relies on a high calorie diet to survive.

Up until now, Nathan has been maintaining his weight by chugging bottle after bottle of strawberry milk...
nbottle copy

Suddenly, I would say in the past few weeks, Nathan is not screaming "ALL DONE!" at the dinner table for the duration of our meals. He is even tolerating food he does not want to eat to be on his placemat in front of him.

I find myself staring at him while he eats because I am so excited. I try not to make a huge deal of it because I don't want him to stop eating again.

When I say he is eating, I mean he takes at least a couple of bites. But regardless of quantity, it is a start. For the record he is now eating pears, brownie bites, pizza, french toast, pancakes, peanut butter and jelly, quarter pounders with cheese, french fries, cheese, yogurt, pretzels, ice cream, carrot sticks, and more.

Isn't it so exciting!?

Now I am taking Teagan to the pediatrician for what I suspect to be poison ivy all over her face. It's been there for about a week now and I just want to have her looked at to see what it is. Also, I am going to see if there is any news on the results of her newborn screening test.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time off

Isn't it funny that I consider having only one child to care for as having some time off. My father in law took Nathan to play at McDonald's this afternoon so I am now sitting here with my 3 week old baby girl trying to figure out what to do with my time off.

I could take a nap but I probably won't. Whenever I attempt to nap these days I only get frustrated ... as soon as I close my eyes Teagan opens hers. So I would rather just sit here and relax with my baby on my chest and Keeping Up with the Kardashians on the TV. I love watching babies sleep, smiles alternating with grimaces, and I love admiring God's greatness in such a tiny package. I think baby lips are my absolute favorite body part to stare at, although toes are pretty fascinating too.



I am sure there are dishes in the sink, dirty laundry in the hamper, a stack of unpaid bills on the counter, an inbox of unread emails, a kitchen floor that is in need of mopping, among other things but right now I just want to sit here and enjoy my one on one time with Teagan.

teagan chin in hands

When Nathan was a newborn I had all the time in the world to snuggle him close to me and to stare at his newbornness all day long but now I want to make sure there is enough mama for both my babies. Basically I make sure Teagan's belly is full and diaper is clean and dry, so I can play with and keep Nathan happy, a sling helps keep her close to me and happy.

Well, time to turn off the computer so I can truly enjoy my time off. Have a Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

two bean

Nathan loves jelly beans. He calls them "bean". If it were up to him he would probably survive on jelly beans but I prefer not to let him make a meal out of candy.


Today I realized that I could use his love of jelly beans to my advantage. He was "cleaning" himself with a baby wipe. He spent several minutes in deep concentration, wiping his arms, legs, face and hands and after he was satisfied with himself, he moved on to wash me and Teagan. Then I noticed that Nathan began to wipe down the leather sofa. I started praising him for cleaning and being such a good helper and then gave him two beans as a reward.

After he finished eating them, he immediately came to me saying "two bean, mama, two bean". I told him that he had to be a good helper to get two beans and that if he cleaned up his toys he can get two more. He has never ever cleaned up his toys. To my astonishment, he ran into his playroom and started flinging toys into their bins.

I think I am beginning to love the "two bean reward".

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just another day in paradise

Most days I may feel like I want to pull my hair out in large clumps, but really it's just another day in paradise.

Although some days I don't make it into the shower, I always do several loads of laundry. In fact, this is what my laundry room usually looks like.


Life with two kids two and under isn't perfect - our days begin early and end late. Nathan usually wakes up in the morning by the time Teagan finishes nursing, before the sun rises. Noon arrives when it still seems like it should be 9 am and some days it feels like I don't accomplish anything besides loving my two adorable babies.

Teagan wants to be close to mama at all times but I do manage to have both hands free when I need them.

Teagan OrangeBW-3

My hair is usually ponytailed and my photos often remain uncropped, but I really am living in paradise.

Teagan OrangeBW

That's what this is ... PARADISE! One day I am going to look back and really miss this time of my life.

Friday, September 17, 2010

No News (updated)

Teagan had her 2 week checkup yesterday. She has officially regained her birth weight. I requested the nurse weigh her using the same scale she used the week before and there was a difference of an ounce and half. Every little bit counts! As far as a Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis, they still have yet to receive the results of her newborn screening test. I was told no news is good news but I asked them to check with the hospital regardless.

Today we are taking Nathan to the hospital for his annual blood work and chest x-ray. It doesn't look too sunny outside so perhaps I won't have two screaming children the entire car ride.

Our trip to the hospital this afternoon was...uh, great? Seriously, I didn't expect it to go so well. In fact, I thought Nathan was going to have a holy melt down of some sort. When we go to clinic, we have to go upstairs to check in but since we were only visiting the lab we checked in downstairs. Nathan knew where we were, he was practically screaming to go upstairs. Totally unexpected.

While I nursed Teagan in the lab's waiting room, Jay took Nathan down for his chest x-ray. I had the opportunity to hold him down last year so I didn't mind letting Jay take a turn. Jay reported back that Nathan did great! He was scared because he didn't know what to expect but once they positioned him, Nathan stayed super still for his "photo".

Then while I continued to nurse my super eater, Jay took Nathan into the room to have his blood drawn. I am glad I didn't have to be the "bad guy" for once. You know, the one who always consents to shots and restrains for blood work. Again, he was a trooper. He did let out a scream when he was initially poked but was very cooperative as 6 vials were drawn. When I heard him repeating "see mama, see mama", I made my way into the room as the last vial was drawn and gave Nathan a sugar free lollipop that I snagged from our new pediatrician the other day.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


It all started when Nathan received a birthday card and check from his Great Great Uncle and Aunt. While at Babies R Us to pick up a few things before baby girl arrived, I let Nathan pick out a gift with his birthday money. He chose a Thomas "Choo Choo Chain" set.

choo choo

choo choo2

Then, after Teagan was born, we received a package in the mail from a family friend. Nathan helped me rip the tape off the box and underneath a gift for Teagan there was also a gift for Nathan. He was super excited to see another set of 2 Thomas trains inside.

Now every time the mail man delivers a package to our door, Nathan gets excited and helps me open it. It is a bit sad because he seems somewhat disappointed that not every package contains choo choo trains.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The best laid plans...

I was reminded of this quote by a friend on facebook when I recently posted about how the newborn prefolds never actually fit my "newborn".

I am one who normally loves to plan everything in advance the way would like it to be but am often surprised that God has a different plan for me. For instance, me expecting and planning for a 7 pound baby girl but giving birth to a 9 pound, 3 ounce baby. All the time I spent pre-washing newborn outfits and prepping newborn prefold diapers, practically a waste of time. I am not upset though because if I hadn't done this advance I am sure I would have needed to once she came home. Make sense?

It is funny because with Nathan I was expecting an enormous baby since I was a few ounces shy of 11 pounds at birth and my husband was a few ounces over 9 pounds. Nathan was born at 7 pounds, 11 ounces and he came home from the hospital swimming in a 3 month outfit. Initially, we had only one outfit that was small enough to fit him! I did the smallest load of laundry every day, sometimes several times a day, so he could keep wearing that clean outfit until my mother in law went on a quick shopping spree for newborn clothing.

So now my "best laid plans" have gone astray again. I sold the 2 dozen prepped newborn prefolds and purchased a dozen of the next size, which I will be prepping soon enough. I figured I didn't need 2 dozen because I have larger cloth diapers that Nathan no longer fits in. I guess no matter how well I plan something in advance I should always expect the unexpected. I'm glad plan B is an easy alternative.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

can't force it

Yesterday, my partner in pregnancy, Breanne and I decided to have an impromptu photoshoot in her mother's living room. Her son, Landyn, was born exactly 2 weeks before Teagan. Since they were due within days of each other, they are basically the same size even though Teagan decided she wanted to hold out and pack on the pounds before she was born.

Ever since I became interested in photography I've been slowly learning that you can't force a photoshoot. Yesterday was a prime example, with respect to Teagan at least. My sleepy newborn baby was not so sleepy. Landyn made us work hard for photos as well.

Another thing I have learned is that even in a photoshoot gone wrong there are still some keepers.

First keeper. The difficulty here - 2 newborn babies flailing their arms and legs, trying to find something to hold onto. Teagan is really testing my knowledge of shutter speed, unfortunately I didn't quite get it right (see blurry arm).

Teagan photoshoot-3

Second keeper. Teagan's "I'm trying to poo" face. I love the "Ohhh face" so I am glad I captured it but I really do love sleepy newborn photos. I will have to try again on a sleepier day.

Teagan photoshoot-2

Third keeper. Teagan's obviously hungry, again. She wanted to nurse the entire photoshoot so I knew there was no way I would get her hands away from her face.

Teagan photoshoot

And I am still waiting for the stars to align so I can get a great photograph of big brother Nathan and his sister. It takes a lot more patience to get a toddler to cooperate. I really need to have my camera on me all day just in case the moment happens.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

the hardest thing

Newborn babies can be a big adjustment, been there done that. Nathan was an excellent baby and so is Teagan. As far as newborns are concerned, Nathan and Teagan are almost complete opposites but at the same time they are both very easy to care for and please.


Nathan slept well but didn't nurse well. He had a terrible latch because he was a a little tongue tied and made me incredibly sore. He did take a pacifier though which gave me a break. He pooped alot, and I mean alot (thanks to CF and poorly digested breast milk), but as soon as he was fed and freshly diapered I could lay him down and he would go to sleep on his own. I pumped to relieve the engorgement and to build a stock of breast milk for when I would return to work, unbeknownst that I would not return due to the CF diagnosis. Nonetheless, he was a perfect newborn baby!

Now for Teagan.

Teagan sleeps well and nurses well. She had a perfect latch as soon as she was placed on my chest moments after birth. I anticipated the worst and invested in a new (used on Craigslist), more supportive breastfeeding pillow which I don't really need. She wants to be close to her mama otherwise she fusses so I wear her in a ring sling for part of the day. She co-sleeps at the moment, like Nathan did initially, but wants to be as close to me as possible. Last night she slept a 6 hour stretch between feedings, it was much needed. I refuse to pump for Teagan because I despise breast pumps and have no intention to clean any more bottles (especially Dr Brown's bottles with 5 pieces) once Nathan is done using them.

Now the hardest thing about bringing a newborn baby home...

...It's not the newborn baby, but the 2 year old who refuses to nap. If Nathan were as pleasant in the evening as he is in the morning without taking a nap I wouldn't care. But he becomes incredibly irritable and gets a burst of overtired energy (if that makes any sense) that leads him to do dangerous things like throwing his toys into the air.

DSC00448 copy-2

We decided to stop "driving" him to sleep in the car because it became exhausting for us and he was beginning to catch on and resist. Then we began to close him in his bedroom and let him cry it out until he succumbed to sleep. This worked until he learned to open his door. Then we put the safety door knob cover on, which he promptly pried off the knob. Yesterday we duct taped the knob cover on. I had Jay take care of it before we brought Nathan to bed so Nathan wouldn't see us "taping" him in. But since Jay put the knob cover on the wrong side of the door and realized after he shut Nathan in (LOL), Nathan witnessed him fixing the mistake and only aggravated him as he tried to escape for a half hour.

Today we try a baby gate with the bedroom door open. How long do you think it will take for him to overcome this obstacle?

Next step, because I am sure we will need it, will be a top of door lock. Poor little guy needs to sleep even though he doesn't want to miss a thing!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baby Stats

Although this photo is from today, this is the outfit Teagan wore home from the hospital. You can see the original "coming home" at the bottom of this post.


Teagan is a great baby. She spends all of her time doing what babies do best, eating, sleeping, and pooping. She is a great nurser. Unlike her brother, she adamantly refuses the pacifier.

We are slowly adapting to life as a family of four. I think it is going to take Nathan the longest. He is so good most of the day, we give him plenty of attention since she sleeps so much. But his refusal to nap and mastery of the safety door knob cover gives way to an afternoon of crabbiness and dangerous behavior.

We took Teagan for her first visit to the pediatrician yesterday at 5 days old. Here are her baby stats:

Birth Stats
Weight: 9 pounds, 3 ounces
Length: 21 inches

Discharge Stats (2 days old)
Weight: 8 pounds, 11 ounces
Length: 21 inches

Baby Stats (5 days old)
Weight: 9 pounds
Length: 21 inches

I think she is making outstanding progress.

As far as Cystic Fibrosis, we are waiting on the newborn screening test results. Even if the test picks up Jay's mutation (Delta F508) it still doesn't mean she will have my mutation. She needs both of our mutations to have CF. If she has only one of our mutations, she will be a carrier of CF like Jay and I do. I pray everyday that she does not have CF.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Teagan's Debut

A birth story, in photos and words

It all started Wednesday...

My last belly photo at 41 weeks pregnant.

After I had gone for the post date testing, I came home and had some kung pao chicken. I am not for old wives tales but I needed to eat so I figured it was worth a shot. In my opinion, kung pao chicken is not very spicy so I have no clue how it "works". It is actually quite delicious and I am glad I tried it.

While Nathan was napping and Jay was playing video games, what else would he do during naptime, I was creating a scrapbook style photobook of the pregnancy. I began having more regular contractions and cramping, which normally didn't begin until the evening. After waking up from a nap myself, I became aware of even stronger contractions and uncomfortable cramping so I took a bath to ease the discomfort and see if the contractions would continue.

I made a quick call to the midwives and said I would come in as soon as we tied up loose ends around the house. Jay's mom came over to be with Nathan and as soon as Jay finished doing the dishes and getting Nathan's treatment stuff all "set", we left.

This is what we saw as soon as we got in the car. Of course we would begin our hour long drive to the hospital on an empty tank of gas.

My contractions were 3 minutes apart the entire ride. We arrived at the hospital at 8:43 pm, I remember these types of things. After we registered and settled in at the hospital, I was exhausted but at least the contractions were still manageable.


I was so happy to be free to move around and change positions during labor. My labor with Nathan was so much worse (until I received an epidural) because I was contained to the bed.

It was a long night.

I let Jay get some rest while I enjoyed, how can that be possible, laboring in the warm water.

The contractions became unbearably strong and frequent, as can be expected, and I became less pleasant. Jay responded well to my many and sometimes contradicting requests,"fan me more... (2 seconds later) stop fanning me"

While being checked, my water broke and gushed...and gushed, and gushed, and gushed. I haven't weighed myself yet but I would be willing to bet I lost quite a bit of weight just accounting for the amniotic fluid.

At 6:30 am with a lot of encouragement from my husband and midwife, I pushed our baby girl into the world and into our family. She immediately stole our heart.
Sorry about the blood, this was the least gory post birth photo.

I was immediately relieved of all the discomforts of labor and was not bothered one bit to be sitting in a bath of blood. While Teagan got some attention from the nurses to help her gain some color I ... (more gory after birth details) ... made my way out of the jacuzzi tub to be repaired (much nicer way of saying what I really want to say) by my midwife.

Cute little baby feet, just because I feel like it is time for a photo.


I enjoyed some skin to skin contact with my girl while getting repaired. She kept me warm and I kept her warm. She nursed immediately. I must say it helped take my mind off the occasional not quite numb enough stitch, and there were plenty of stitches. What can I say, she was a 9 pound baby! I don't know how my mom delivered three almost 11 pound babies naturally. She is my hero. Regardless, I am a bit like Frankenstein at the moment.


Daddy was proud of mama for a job well done and admires his sweet little baby girl. I love this photo because I can see Jay's dimple. That dimple often gives away Jay's emotions without him having to speak a word.


The immediate recovery was horrific. I could not get out of bed by myself without feeling like I was going to fall to the floor. The blood loss continued and I became very emotional to be feeling so horrible. After starting an IV of fluid and pitocin, I began to feel much better.

Jay's parents brought Nathan to visit in the afternoon. Without noticing his sister, he immediately attacked the fresh fruit and chocolate cake I saved for him from my lunch. Here is our first family photo, complete with the usual cake covered faced.


Our nurse was so good at putting these teeny tiny bows in Teagan's hair after each bath. I observed intently, this task takes much talent.


...and for a melt my heart photo, Nathan even gave his sister a kiss on day 2.


Now that we are officially home from the hospital, our family of 4 is beginning to adapt to our new situation. This morning Nathan walked by Teagan and while waving, opening and closing his fist, he repeated "Hi baby, Hi Teagan!".

While changing her diaper, he was staring at her umbilical cord and I am pretty sure he was wondering why her belly button looked so different than his. He then ran and picked up one of his diapers, came back and sat right where I changed the baby, put his legs in the air for me to change him. I changed him and he tried to repeat the process immediately. One thing we are definitely going to have to work on is jealousy during feedings. At least I know that Teagan will be able to nurse during an earthquake if necessary.

Friday, September 3, 2010

She's here...

Teagan Marie

Born 9-02-10 at 6:30 am
9 pounds, 3 ounces, 21 inches long

Entered the world peacefully in the water.


Birth story to be continued...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Biophysical Profile and Non-Stress Test

This morning Jay took me to the hospital for 41 week post date testing also known as a biophysical profile. A biophysical profile is performed for post-term pregnancies to determine if the baby is still healthy and consists of an ultrasound and a fetal non-stress test.

Teagan scored an 8 out of 8 on the ultrasound and a 2 out of 2 on the non-stress test. Basically this means, with a perfect score of 10, I do not need to be induced immediately. If I happen to still be pregnant on Sunday, we need to report back to the hospital to repeat the test.

The ultrasound tech estimated that she weighs 9 pounds 2 ounces plus or minus 1 pound and when the midwife called she warned me that I have a good amount of amniotic fluid remaining. She also said be prepared for a big splash if my water should break.