Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Holiday Season's Hottest Baby Toy!

If you are looking for a way to entertain your baby and don't want to wait in the long lines at the mall or spend a lot of money, then I suggest you look no farther than your little one's...

baby ears7


baby ears8

This baby toy contains no small parts and you don't have to worry about it becoming a choking hazard.

baby ears1

It is a relatively inexpensive toy.

baby ears2

You get two for the price of one. So I guess you can say this toy is half price.

baby ears3

Or you can also say you get two free with the "purchase" of a baby, figuratively speaking.

baby ears4

It is the most intricate baby toy I've seen to date. There is so much to explore, crevices, a hole, different textures!

baby ears5

I think I know what Teagan is getting, or already has, for Christmas...Her very own set of ears!!!

baby ears6

Don't forget to enter the baltic amber teething necklace giveaway here.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

not sure

I am so appreciative for the prayers. I am still not quite sure whether Nathan is getting sick again or is getting better. I guess it only goes to show that I am not a pro at diagnosing illness. Perhaps this is just the normal cycle of Cystic Fibrosis, who knows.

Some days Nathan seems like a perfectly normal energetic toddler and other days he seems like a lethargic, scratchy voiced, sick boy.

All I know is that today he seems like he is on the rebound. Regardless, we will be heading into the clinic early this week to make sure his lungs aren't still crackling.

All I can do is make sure he gets his rest {and try to get him to eat} and pray for the best.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I could cry

I understand that life isn't fair but I am beginning to wonder why my little guy can't catch a break. He has been sick on and off since the end of September and I feel that he deserves a little well time.

Sick, a round of oral Cipro, sick again, two weeks of Augmentin, crackling in right lobe of lung, add manual CPT, irritated bowel, supplement with culterelle probiotic, hard stools, dose of miralax. He finished his last dose of oral antibiotic yesterday and his voice has become hoarse and scratchy yet again.

Last night as we were getting him ready for treatments, I picked out his Buzz Lightyear pajamas and he was excited. He pulled his shirt off and was trying to put the Buzz Lightyear shirt on all by himself while repeating "buzz...buzz lightyear". Jay put his vest on him and Nathan asked for a bottle. This is now his routine before every treatment session, it is Nathan's way of delaying treatments and bedtime in the evening. I have never seen him "milk it" as long as he does before treatments.

After he had his enzymes he gagged and then vomited. Poor thing. He was so upset that he "made a mess" and dirtied the Buzz Lightyear pajamas he was so excited to wear. Not only that his Vest was covered in vomit as well. We stayed calm because we didn't want to add to the excitement and upset Nathan more. Grandma and daddy took Nathan upstairs to the bath tub and I began to clean the sofa. Thank God for leather sofas!! To all the new CF parents - I highly recommend leather sofas for treatments or at least very durable slipcovers for your existing sofas.

To an onlooker, I would have "appeared" to be a rock, hardened by a chronic disease but on the inside all I wanted to do was cry for my baby. But I kept it together and wiped the sofa and the hoses to the Vest clean. My father asked if I was ok and of course I responded that I was. Next I dealt with the Vest itself. I am thankful that the Vest is now machine washable, because wiping it down would have done nothing! I am also thankful that I kept the original Vest as a spare.


I had to take Nathan back to the CF clinic after this round of antibiotics so it's not like I have to make an additional appointment but I was hoping I would be bringing him back healthy, with no lung crackling. I don't know what is up with him. Perhaps he needs a round of inhalation antibiotic or perhaps we will be heading into the hospital for some IV antibiotics before the holiday.

Please keep him in your prayers.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade "Nathan-Style"

Nathan's very own Thanksgiving Day Parade float, including flashing lights!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cute things kids do intentionally


Because everyone wants a good view of the television, even toys.

Enter your Wordless Wednesday link below so I can visit you!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tis the season

Although the holiday season is undoubtedly my favorite time of the year, I don't think I am alone when I say it can also make me lose my mind. So many things are going on that I couldn't live without my calendar or to do list. I am typically an all paper type of girl. There is just something about putting things in writing that makes them seem more official to me. But when your house is trashed, like mine is, locating your calendar in piles of magazines and papers becomes a near impossible task. You may find yourself spending more time writing and rewriting your to do lists than actually accomplishing anything on the lists.

Cell phone to the rescue! After taking advantage of a buy one get one free deal through Verizon wireless, I have discovered the world of android apps. Out of necessity, I have converted to using the calendar and to do list apps on my phone. The best thing is that my husband and I have our calenders syncing to each others phones so I see his appointments and he sees mine. Also to solve the lost calendar dilemma all I have to do is have someone call my phone. Ringer off? Not a problem, there is also an app (Where's My Droid) where you you can send a text message with a keyword that turns the phone off silent or vibrate mode, turns the ringer volume all the way up, and starts ringing. I am not sure if I could manage to function without my phone for a day. How would I remember to get dressed. {that's a joke, giggle}

Anyway I better get going, I have a lot of phone calls to make, personal/business projects to complete, and a Thanksgiving Holiday to prepare for. {I am still over $30 away from my free turkey}.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

CMS {Creative Photography}

In case you missed the very subtle link to my brand spanking new photography webiste back in this post, I am putting it out in the open now.

So if you have a moment click on over to cmscreativephoto.com and you can also "like" me on facebook {because I totally like you}.

I can't wait to gradually fill my portfolio with photographs of others, not only of Nathan and Teagan.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Creativity Spurt

I am currently in the middle of a creativity spurt. Every few months my creative side will emerge in full force and then go back into hibernation until the next spurt.

So I've made my list {of projects} and I've checked it twice and am in the process of gathering the materials I will need.

I've taken a break from cutting and bending grapevine and twisting wire {because my fingers are raw and blistered} and am now learning how to fold origami and applique fabric. Should be interesting. Photos to come of course, but here is a sneak peek.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

E.T. Bicycle

Let me tell you a story about a boy and how he become obsessed with a little extraterrestrial.

Once upon a time there was a little boy who loved to watch movies, over and over and over. He conquered child locks keeping him away from all of his daddy's high tech equipment and learned how to operate the DVD player at a very young age.

His grandfather, who loved to stop at an occasional garage sale here and there, bought a handful of DVD's for his little movie loving grandson. The little boy's mama sorted through the DVD's to see which ones would be appropriate to watch now and which ones should be saved for later. Thinking that E.T. was a little advanced for a toddler, she decided to put it away until the little boy was older. But when the little boy saw a bicycle on the cover, he had other plans.

So "E.T. Bicycle", as it is known in the boy's house, quickly became the his movie of choice. He wanted to watch it nonstop from the moment he woke up until the moment he went to bed.

But let's pause he for one moment...The little boy's parents noticed a problem with the DVD, something, well many things, didn't seem quite right. The entire movie alternated between being too bright or too dark, too loud or too quiet, in focus or blurry...etc. Everything about it screamed boot leg with the exception of the "professionally" pressed DVD and case. Perhaps more of the budget should have been allocated to the person and equipment who was to film the movie. It seemed as though it was filmed with a cell phone, then transferred to a VHS, then recordered with another video camera while watching it on a 30 year old television...

...but the little boy LOVED it. He loved it so much that his mama called her daddy, the little boy's grandfather, and demanded he buy the real thing, and fast!

Everyone was worried that the boy loved the bootleg version of E.T. Bicycle so much that he would never entertain the idea of a new authentic version. Luckily he accepted it and continued the E.T. Bicycle daily marathon.

And then one fine day a new idea popped into the boy's head and with the help of his grandfather, the boy transformed into E.T. and has been flying on the front of his bicycle all through the house. I have heard this can be quite the tiring task.

et bicycle

But I guess that's what you get for accidentally buying a bootleg copy of E.T. It has ended up being the most expensive bootleg DVD ever.

Hints have been made that the boy's grandfather should buy him one of these for Christmas:

WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat Image Credit : Amazon.com

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Munchkin likes munchkins

munchkins-1 copy

At least the ones covered in rainbow sprinkles...


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mindful Mailman

We have lived in our house for nearly four years. We have had the same mail carrier for all four of those years but only get to speak with him when he delivers packages to our door. All our daily mail gets sorted into our slot of a community mailbox down the street.

I do most of my shopping online because I look for free shipping and discount coupon codes, save gas by not driving to the store, compare prices, read product reviews, save myself the aggravation of taking a toddler and a baby shopping, and limit our exposure to illnesses. Therefore we receive packages to our house quite often.

Our mailman has slowly gotten to know us and we have gotten to know about him and his family. I know for one that one of his children has been diagnosed with autism and he suspects that another one of his kids will be autistic as well.

He knows that Nathan has Cystic Fibrosis and every time he drops off a package he asks how he is doing. Today our mailman came while I had taken Nathan and Teagan to storytime at a local bookstore. Sometimes he just leaves the package on our doorstep but today he made sure to knock and inform my husband that he should open and discard the package immediately because he has been coughing alot and thinks he has bronchitis. Isn't that thoughtful of him? He wanted to make sure he didn't pass his germs to Nathan, lover of deliveries and boxes.

Monday, November 15, 2010

community is HUGE

Ever since CF crept into my world, everything has changed. Without community I think I may have completely come unraveled. Community is what helps me find answers to my questions. Community is what helps me realize I am not alone, that there are others in my shoes. Community is HUGE!

So can you please take a moment, if you haven't already done so, a register for your free profile on www.CysticLife.org. You do not have to have Cystic Fibrosis to become a member, you can simply join as a friend of Nathan. Call it an early Christmas gift, he will thank you. This community means a lot to us and by helping Cystic Life meet its goal of 2011 members by 2011 you can help take Cystic Fibrosis awareness to a new level.

Registration is free and prizes are available to those you join! Go now and JOIN!

Reusable Grocery Bags

Isn't ironic that one day I am proclaiming my love of reusable shopping bags and the next day I am reading articles about how these "environmentally friendly" grocery bags may pose environmental risks.

Apparently many of these reusable bags are made in China (probably all of them) and contain lead. Although the lead content of bags distributed by many different stores are within acceptable limits, some of them are much higher. From what I have been reading, certain bags distributed by Winn-Dixie and Publix contain the highest levels of lead.

According to a study released by TEI Analytical, half of reusable shopping bags made with Non-Woven Poly Propylene (NWPP) contain an unhealthy amount of lead. Many of the bags that are supposed to save the planet contain more than 100 parts per million (PPM) of toxic heavy metals — violating state laws.

~ Amanda Carey, The Daily Caller
Lead is a great concern especially when I have two young children at home. When the bags are new the paint is less likely to flake off but when the bags become worn then paint flakes may come in contact with food and the disposed of bags may leach lead into the landfills. I am interested to read future reports on bags distributed by more stores.

I am pretty sure my favorite reusable shopping bags, the ones that are covered with graphics and have a plastic (durable) texture, are the types that would contain the highest levels of lead.


They always find something wrong with everything. Disposable shopping bags are bad for the environment. Reusable shopping bags now contain lead. What am I going to use to carry my groceries next, a basket balanced on my head? In all seriousness, I may just sew a whole bunch of tote bags out of scrap fabric and leave it at that.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

potty talk

Poo is one of the very common topics in our CF world. What color is it? What is the consistency? How frequent? Greasy? Is there a foul odor? (not just normal poo foul, we are talking fouler than foul?

Since Nathan began taking this course of antibiotics (augmentin) there has been no shortage of dirty diapers. There has been large quantities of poo in every single diaper and it has even seeped through several layers of clothing, several times.

Desparate to help find some relief for Nathan, I picked up a box of Culterelle probiotics to restore some of the good bacteria in his gut. Hopefully it works. Until then, we will be lathering on the diaper cream and holding off on the cloth diapers until he finishes the antibiotics. Like a friend told me, there is only so much poo one person can take.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Back to the Basics

Nathan had a "sick", non routine, visit to his CF clinic yesterday. He had his routine checkup only 3 weeks ago and just prior to that visit he was on a course of antibiotics (Cipro) for 2 weeks. Since his last routine checkup, a couple of viruses infected our entire household. The consecutive colds haven't been too bad on the rest of us but Nathan has been sick with the viruses for 2 weeks straight.

Earlier this week I noticed that he was tugging at his ear. The pediatrician said his ears looked waxy but not infected, and his tonsils appeared red and swollen. The doctor tested Nathan for strep throat because it is going around the area but Nathan didn't have it. I wasn't satisfied with what the pediatrician had to say because I would think after 2 weeks a virus isn't just a virus anymore.

Which brings me to yesterdays appointment at the CF care center.

Nathan was very cooperative getting "checked in". With only a small protest, he stood on the scale for his weight, also stood well for his height, and sat on my lap for his blood pressure. He lost about a half a pound in the 3 weeks since his check up. Damn. His height is also dipping on the growth curve. I've come to the realization with the help of a friend, that I am going to let Nathan whatever he wants to eat. His liquid diet of milk in his bottle is what has been helping him pack on the pounds. If he wants a yogurt then he can have a yogurt, if he wants to eat a slab of butter then so be it. The pressure to eat is making him resist, and that is not a good thing.

As for his ears, Nathan's doctor noticed his right ear was inflamed and red. I doubt that changed much from his visit to the pediatrician two days earlier.

Next -- Nathan's lungs. While the doctor was listening to Nathan's lungs, we were flipping through a book and looking at a picture of a birthday cake with candles on it. I told Nathan to blow out the candles and he quickly shot out a burst of air. His doctor was thrilled and asked him to blow again. Of course Nathan didn't want to "cooperate" with any doctor but I did trick him into blowing out the candles just one more time. There was a bit of crackling in Nathan's right lobe. {frown}

So the game plan now is another 2 weeks of antibiotic (Augmentin), regular Vest and nebulizer treatments, and additional manual CPT focusing on his right lobe. For at least the next two weeks we will be back to the basics of manually pounding (clapping) on Nathan's chest. If nothing improves when we return to clinic in two weeks then his doctor is talking of IV antibiotics.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vest Velcro

When my husband and I saw the new washable Hill Rom Vest at the Cystic Fibrosis Learning Center's Continuum of Care Conference, we instantly had to have it! Not only could we choose between two colors, blue and pink, but it was completely machine washable, had swiveling hose attachments, no cold air holes, and softer velcro near the neck. Being that the velcro on Nathan's original vest was extremely irritating and rough, we knew Nathan would love the new vest as well.

But one problem we, and others, have with the new vest is the velcro. We love the softness but it just doesn't stay stuck. The loop part of the velcro is ok but the hook part is too fine (also why it is so much softer). So the very thing we love about the velcro, we also hate. Nathan gets so upset when the velcro comes undone during his treatments.

But leave it to my husband to find a good solution to our problem. For those of you who also experience a problem with the vest velcro, try this:

1. Put the vest on like usual
2. Attach the clasps
3. Attach the velcro and while pressing the hook and loop sides of the velcro together, pull in opposite directions. I don't mean pull it apart, like undo the velcro, but give each side a tug in the opposite direction while keeping pressure on the velcro. This will help the hooks grasp onto more loops.

vest velcro

It has been working for us and I hope it works for you too!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Nathan had his routine visit to the CF clinic a few weeks ago and I never updated on how it went. I'm just going to go ahead and use the excuse that our entire household has been fighting off a few viruses.

He cultured staph again, but no pseudomonas. Staph(lococcus aureus) is a pretty common offender in Nathan's lungs and is no cause of immediate concern. Nathan stood on the big boy scale for the first time without putting up much of a protest. He weighed 29 pounds 7 ounces and was 35 inches tall. His routine visit to the pediatrician was 5 days earlier than his routine visit to the clinic and he weighed 28 pounds and was 36 inches tall. I wish the scales would be a little more accurate from one office to another.+

I brought him in to see his new pediatrician this morning because I suspected a possible ear infection. After the doctor cleaned out a few chunks of wax, he said his ear canals looked fine. His tonsils were red and swollen but the rapid strep test came back negative. So now we are just riding the viruses out.

And, riding the coattails of this post, Nathan had a 7 enzyme breakfast today that didn't even include a bottle of milk. He had a sweet potato, carrot, and white bean pancake with a tablespoon of coconut oil and a puddle of syrup for dipping, and a side of apples and chocolate (nutella).

Have you ever heard of "poptella"? I discovered it from another twitter friend last night and just had to take it for a test drive. "Poptella" is very simply, popcorn dipped into nutella, and it is delicious! Here is a picture of me scarfing it down last night. Actually, I think I am going to share some "poptella" with Nathan right now.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Teagan's Two Months!

teagan 2 months-1 copy

Teagan is two months and a week or so old. I'm losing track already. She is still a great eater and a great sleeper at night. During the day when we are at home she is very alert and awake but when I take her out of the house she is usually pretty sleepy.

I am still working her into the idea of sleeping in her cradle, the one I helped my father in law build. I love co-sleeping and think Teagan and I both sleep better when we are close to each other but I only want to be a part time bed sharer. She is so snuggly though, rubbing her soft feet on my belly. I am sure when those soft rubs turn into hard kicks it will be much easier to transition her to the cradle next to me.

She is flashing us the cutest smiles these days and talking back and forth with feminine little grunts. I am still wondering if she acquired my husband's dimples, please God!! I am going to keep having children until one of them comes out with dimples. Just kidding! Well...maybe not entirely. {grin}

Poor thing caught another cold as you can see from her puffy eyes in the photograph above. I've been brainstorming and trying to think of how I could make my own "Baby Vick's Vapor Rub" by using some sort of concoction of eucalyptus, tea tree, and olive oil but haven't created anything as of yet. But I have squirted some of the good stuff (breastmilk) into her nostrils as per a tweeted suggestion I received. Don't laugh. I did initially but the milk is working just as good, if not better than a saline solution, plus it has antibodies.

Her growth has been steady but I am sure the colds have impacted her weight gain these past couple of weeks:

Teagan Growth (updated 11-4-10)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Healthy, Fattening Foods, Hooray!

exciting stuff collage

As you can see in the photographs above, Nathan devoured his breakfast this morning. This is the same child who screams through every single meal. We try not to make food become a battle but we do often use harmless bribes, "if you eat this you can have that". We give him many choices but most of the food he tolerates is junk. I've been trying to find more healthy fattening foods for him to enjoy or at least try.

Four foods that he will almost always eat are strawberry flavored milk, yogurt, various fresh fruit, and butter {if I can consider butter as food}. After some tips from friends, adult CFer's, CF mama's, and other crunchy mama's, this is what I found:

exciting stuff-14

First I will start with that container of yogurt front and center. I learned about Greek Gods Yogurt from CF mama, Jamie. Greek God's Pomegranate Yogurt, in particular, has 17 grams of fat per 6 ounces! I never thought I would be so annoyed that everything in the supermarket is low fat. But this container of yogurt is jammed packed full of the good stuff, and it is really tasty. The container itself really turned Nathan off so I just cleaned out a bunch of my low fat strawberry yogurt (his favorite) containers and he gobbles it all up. Just goes to show that alot of his food refusal is mental, I change the container and all of a sudden he loves it. The yogurt costs a little over two dollars per container but it's a pretty good bang for the buck, in terms of fat. Thanks, Jamie!

Now for that large tub of lard on the left. Well it's not lard at all, it's actually Coconut Oil, which is a solid at room temperature and melts at 76 degrees. One of my favorite twitter friends @FindingThetis, whose son has CF, told me to try Coconut Oil in...well, just about any food. Again, it may seem a little pricy at 23 dollars per 29 fluid ounce container but with 14 grams of great unsaturated fat in every tablespoon, totally well worth it. I tasted it, of course, and it tastes a little bit like sunscreen...well, like sunscreen smells at least. And apparently Coconut Oil is good for malabsorption because the molecular structure is easier to digest.

The sweet potato & carrot pancake Nathan devoured in the collage at the top of this post was doused in coconut oil. He even wanted more.

And then, as I was checking out at the health food store, I was talking to the clerk about my son's malabsorption issues and his need for fat, she led me to the refrigerator for a sample of fish oil. Seriously, the most delicious fish oil ever, it tasted like lemon pudding! If I recall correctly there is about 3 grams of fat per two teaspoons and that is some serious brain food. I plan to mix some into Nathan's already full of fat yogurt. This is also something that is good for the entire family. I took fish oil capsules throughout my pregnancies when I got to the point where I could keep them down because they gave me the fish burps. I am so excited for future pregnancies because this fish oil did not cause fish burps.

Finally, something I have not tried yet but most definitely plan on is Mindy's Organic, chemical-free, strawberry "syrup". I cannot stand adding artificial strawberry syrup to every bottle Nathan drinks so this is next on my list.

Exciting Stuff

exciting stuff-9

Friday, November 5, 2010

Back on the Bottle

The other day we took Nathan to Walmart to pick out his very own sippy cups for milk. We thought if we let him pick out his own special cups and understood that they were for his milk, then we might be able to get him off the bottle.

Let me just add that I don't really care if he is still drinking from the bottle from an orthodontic standpoint. My dad is a dentist and he already told me Nathan will need braces because he has a cross-bite. I just thought that perhaps he would eat a bit more real food if he wasn't filling himself up on milk all day.

So to the sippy cup aisle we went. The first cup he picked was hot pink and purple, totally fine with me but I knew he loved his friend's Mickey Mouse Take & Toss Sippy Cups so I showed him those. He actually preferred the Minnie Mouse cups but the Take & Toss cups were so much cheaper and you get a pack of 3, so we got the Mickey cups.


On the way home we drove through McDonald's for a very special chocolate milk for his Mickey cup, I should've asked for a couple of half and half containers because the low fat milk is like one measly enzyme. Why is everything low fat?

24 hours later, and he still was off the bottle. But last night he relapsed and is now back on the bottle (of milk). He is still battling the cold he caught a week and a half ago and on top of barely eating, he was barely drinking his milk from the cup. It is difficult to dose his enzymes when he only takes one sip here and there. At least with the bottle, I know he will down the entire thing in one sitting.

So for now, he is back on the bottle. With the cold still lingering, I realized it wasn't the right time. He needs nutrition and he needs to be hydrated to beat this cold.

On a good note, he is still pseudomonas free! I called the clinic this morning to check in and he is still only growing staph. Now, as per a friend's suggestion, we are going to do some sinus rinses. Hopefully these boogers will go away soon.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mommy Blunder

Alternate titles:

"How I screwed up my daughter's birth day and fixed it with Photoshop"

"The day my brother in law corrected my mistake" {oh wait that happens all the time}

"The day my very good friend noticed my mistake but didn't correct it because she didn't want to hurt my feelings"

So did anyone else on facebook notice my mommy blunder? I took down the photo after I corrected it because I don't want to confuse anyone else. Basically I've been taking photographs of Teagan each month on top of a large calendar with her birth day being circled. She was born September 2nd so naturally I would be circling the 2nd of every month until next September.

But I didn't...

Here is her first month, I guess you can call it "month zero"...

teagan on calendar-1

September 2nd, Good.

Here is "month one"...

teagan on calendar-2

October 2nd, Also good.

And here is "month two"...

teagan2month on calendar copy

September 1st, what the heck was I thinking? Do you see my mistake? Yes, I circled the incorrect day for her two month birthday. But I did fix it, not with a new photoshoot, but with Adobe Photoshop.

teagan2month on calendar copy1 copy

Ahhhh, Photoshop, how I adore thee! <3


I am not sure "beyond frustrated" accurately describes how I am feeling at the moment. I called in a refill for Nathan's pulmozyme Sunday night and Monday morning received a phone call from the pharmacy telling me that the insurance company would prefer I use a mail order pharmacy. The pharmacist also gave me the toll free number for the insurance company to get a "one time over ride".

Toll free numbers...this could be a blog post of its own. First of all that toll free number for the insurance company was not even the number for the insurance company, it was the telephone number for the mail order pharmacy. But of course I didn't figure that until I went through all the steps...account number, birth date, first and last name, verify address, telephone number, my favorite color, my first born pet's middle name, etc.

But this department did generously provide me with the toll free telephone number that I can give my doctor to begin the mail order service and also the toll free telephone number for where I could request a one time override. It takes a week to receive the prescription in the mail and I only had a few days of medication remaining.

So I then call the clinic and provide them with the mail order service telephone number and prescription request. Shortly thereafter I get an email notifying me that the prescription was sent. The clinic is usually right on top of things like that so I wasn't worried.

I then called the "correct department" for a one time override. I am not even sure there is a correct department because I went through all the verifications again and was given another toll free number again. So I called, and verified, and was put on hold while the woman contacted the pharmacy to see if they could give me a 5 day supply. I told her before she even put me on hold that this wasn't going to happen because the pulmozyme comes in several sealed packets within a one month refrigerated box. But on hold I went as she figured this out by herself....

INS - "I am sorry m'am but they can't split up the medication because the entire month is supplied in it's own box".

ME - Oh really! You don't say!?

INS - "Can you call your doctor for samples until the mail order prescription arrives?"

ME - No, because I am not going to drive 2 hours round trip to get samples when the local pharmacy filled the very same prescription last month without a problem.

INS - "Oh they did? Who told you to use mail order then?"

ME - The local pharmacy

INS - "That's strange, Please hold."

So she called the pharmacy again and after a very long time came back to tell me the pharmacy was suddenly no longer participating with Americhoice. She then asked for my zip code so she could give me the telephone numbers of "participating pharmacies" in my area. I gave it to her.

INS - "Do you have any other zip codes I could enter?"

ME - "Yes, how about 07... or 07... or even 07... or how about you just increase your search radius?"

Beyond frustrated. So I wrote down two telephone numbers of "participating pharmacies" that I should then call and ask if they are participating pharmacies. Does that even make sense? I am sorry but I could have googled this information myself.

So I had the prescription transferred to another pharmacy that was "participating" and got the very same call the following day that the insurance would not approve it, that I needed to get it through a mail order pharmacy. Deja vu.

I have surrendered. Nathan is going to miss a few days of his medication because the insurance company/pharmacy/I don't know who to blame won't get their heads out of the @#$.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Spook-tacular Time

The day started out pretty rough. We had so many things yet to do before we were "prepared" for Halloween.

I still had to temporarily stick Teagan's Minnie Mouse dots on her Christmas dress, the reason why I chose to do red Minnie rather than pink Minnie. I also had to put the final details on the Halloween cake pops.

cake pops halloween

Edible ink pens really stink by the way. I totally gave up on drawing details on the cake pops. The markers worked on paper but every time I touched them to chocolate they wouldn't write. The whole cake pop ordeal was more difficult than I thought it would be but they were delicious. And remember how I was obsessed with red velvet cake during my last pregnancy? Well, that is exactly what was inside the cake pops, red by way of beet juice and not artificial food coloring!

All the while, Nathan was threatening to pour a bottle of red wine all over the kitchen table and Teagan wanted to be in my arms. My husband and I knew we needed to get out of the house and as soon as possible. The Halloween party didn't begin for several hours so we thought we would trick or treat at Jay's parents house before heading to the party.

Neither Nathan nor Teagan were overly fond of their costumes. Let's just say tears were shed. In retrospect I should have dressed Nathan as Luigi because we passed two kids dressed up as Mario and Luigi and Nathan got so excited and wouldn't stop saying "see mario-we-gee".




I don't know how Jay convinced Nathan to keep his costume on but it couldn't have been easy. Maybe seeing his friends wearing their costumes helped.


And then for the trick or treating, something we have been practicing for weeks.





I only made it to a few houses because it was freezing cold and Teagan was gasping for air but I was told Nathan was the first one to almost every door and he just stood their patiently for everyone else. I am so proud of him, he really was on his best behavior all afternoon. I guess he has built up a good tolerance to sugar.

So although the day started out on the rough side, it ended up being one of the best days ever. Being serenaded by Nathan and his buddy Ayden was the perfect way to end the evening. Honestly, they were gently pressing the piano keys in a way that it sounded enjoyable, not the typical pounding that would give you a headache.