Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My running buddy

I think I've found a new training partner, my newly turned 3 year old!


He completed 3/4 of a lap around the track without socks, without running shoes, and without shorts. I promise he is fully dressed in the morning, I think Nathan prefers the nudist sort of life though.


I'm also thinking that I've found a new way to tire my energetic little guy out.


Not to mention I like the idea of getting him panting and using those lungs.  Running, or exercising in general, is excellent airway clearance for those with CF.  Getting the bacteria ridden mucous moving and out of the lungs helps reduce and sometimes prevent the occurrence of respiratory infections.


In terms of Cystic Fibrosis, exercise helps slow the decline of lung function.  Regular exercise not only reduces the decline in lung function but it also helps improve lung function.  This is important especially with those recurring lung infections.  (Day-to-Day Exercise and Cystic Fibrosis,


All in all, I like the idea of have a new running buddy.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mommy's Shoes

As I was sitting on the computer editing a few of my client's photos yesterday, I heard a noise that was constantly getting louder and quieter. It sounded much like this -

flip, flop, flip, flop, flip, flop

flip, flop, FLIP, FLOP, flip, flop

flip, flop, flip, flop, flip, flop

I turned around while the noise was at its loudest and I saw Teagan tromping around the house wearing one of my flip flops.

TeaganMommysShoes - 01

She figured out how to properly slip her foot into my thong switch flops.

TeaganMommysShoes - 02

When it fell off she got upset. When I tried to help her put her foot back in, she got even more upset. She wanted to put the flip flop on all by herself.

TeaganMommysShoes - 03

Once the flip flop was partially on her foot she would start walking to get it the rest of the way on.

TeaganMommysShoes - 04

Little girls and their mama's shoes. I remember walking around the house in my mom's high heels as a little girl and no Teagan is walking in my shoes.

TeaganMommysShoes - 05

What amazes me most is that she is only one year old and already doing all these girly things just by watching us and without being taught. Well, with the exception of the last photograph, I don't recall ever trying to do a headstand on my flip flops. Silly kids.

TeaganMommysShoes - 07

TeaganMommysShoes - 06

TeaganMommysShoes - 08

Monday, August 29, 2011

CF Treatments during Hurricane Irene

Sometimes it takes a a hurricane and a power outage to remind you how much you rely on electricity and to realize how fortunate you really are. I learned this while on a mission trip to Mexico a while back but you need to be reminded every now and then because it is so easy to forget.

CFTreatmentsPowerOutage - 01

Like administering oral medications and antibiotics via candlelight and vintage fisher price flashlight.  It was my flashlight when I was a girl!

CFTreatmentsPowerOutage - 02

Thank God for a gas stove top and a nearby lighter because it would be impossible to sterilize Nathan's neb cups without electricity.  Packing up the neb cups, compressor and medications, and heading out to the car in complete darkness to do his hypertonic saline treatment.  We have a power inverter to convert DC to AC electricity for the car so we can plug in his nebulizer compressor.  I am glad he takes his Xopenex in a puffer/spacer because that is one less treatment that we need to sit in the car for.

CFTreatmentsPowerOutage - 03

Nathan was pretty excited to do his nebs in the car. I was going to run an extension cord from the inverter in the car through the garage and into the house and let him do his nebs with the car running in the driveway but he chose the car.

CFTreatmentsPowerOutage - 04

A change of scenery is nice I guess, especially when a hurricane kept you trapped in the house all day.

CFTreatmentsPowerOutage - 05

CFTreatmentsPowerOutage - 06

CFTreatmentsPowerOutage - 07

We kept the windows open because my father in law warned us that carbon monoxide can creep into the car sometimes even if it is idling in one place outside of the garage. At least those Hurricane, or Tropical Storm, Irene winds helped us out in this instance.

After we finished the hyper-sal, we went back into our candlelit house for some manual CPT and some Angry Birds.

CFTreatmentsPowerOutage - 09

The manual chest pt totally knocked Nathan out.

CFTreatmentsPowerOutage - 10

Then my father in law came over to drive around the neighborhood while Jay held Nathan's Tobi (inhaled antibiotic) neb out in the car. We survived CF treatments during a power outage!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Nathan, turning 3 years old

A collage of photos for my birthday boy, to show how you celebrated your 3rd birthday. Choo choo trains and Super Mario pajamas, birthday bagel from Gappa Bill, a little sword fighting, a 5 minute cat nap for your sister, some super cool cupcakes from Apple, I mean Lindsay.

Nathans3rdBirthday - Collage 01

Digging into a slice of pizza, made mama and daddy proud since you haven't been eating much, a RED wii "ma-mote" remote, a toy yoshi and "go-gego" Go Diego Go book from Gappa Frank, A SUPER "go-ber" Grover!, and some Mario and Super Grover clothes from Gamma Eileen.

Nathans3rdBirthday - Collage 02

A giant birthday Toad cupcake and some goofing around as Captain (7 pairs of) Underpants.  By the looks of it still not quite interested in potty training.  We love you Nathan!

Nathans3rdBirthday - Collage 03

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A little girl and her hairbrush

It is like little girls are born knowing what to do with a hairbrush. I certainly didn't teach her to run the brush through her hair for 10 minutes at a stretch.



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nintendo Wii and NES Chocolate Remotes

I must give credit to my husband, the die hard Nintendo fan, for the attention to detail on the original NES chocolate remotes. He wanted to make the buttons black and the remote grey but he learned the hard way that you can't use food coloring to dye chocolate wafers. So he settled with milk chocolate buttons and a white remote. I think they look pretty awesome.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I found these nintendo the NES chocolate mold and Wii chocolate mold online, and I only paid $10 for both of them.


I also found cool star molds at AC Moore and plan to make yellow stars on the top of Nathan's favorite pretzel rods. They look just like this but have a space to put a pretzel in the mold.

Image credit:

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Super Mario Mystery Block Favor Boxes

I ordered a pack of the "Design Your Own White Boxes" from Oriental Trading and attempted to paint 3 of them with the Benjamin Moore Sunshine Yellow that my husband initially picked for our master bathroom. Don't worry, the bathroom didn't stay "Welcome to Preschool" Yellow for long. This wasn't working, the cardboard was warping and I realized later that when it dried it was stuck to the pizza box I painted on top of.

The remaining 9 boxes that you see in the photograph below were sprayed with yellow spray paint which was much easier and gave it a nice glossy finish.

super mario mystery block favor boxes

After they dried, I folded them and sprayed any spots that needed touching up.

I searched google images for a picture of the mystery block so I could print out the "?" question marks to the scaled of a 6 inch cube. I was unsure how many sides of the box had the question mark so Jay turned on his Nintendo Wii to find out. He wanted these to be legitimate mystery blocks. I printed 9 sheets (4 "?" on each sheet) and got to cutting out all 36 of the question marks. Just a little glue and now we have our favor boxes. So far I've got Super Mario stickers (from Celebrate Express), crayons (hooray for back to school shopping sales), star shaped notepads (also from Oriental Trading), and Mario gummies (from Target). I'll be adding some more stuff to the boxes throughout the week.

Next item to work on, the personalized Mario (for the boys) and Princess (for the girls) drink cups. My friend gave me this idea for Nathan's 1st birthday party. Providing cups for the little kids makes for a good party favor and eliminates the need to purchase individual sippy juice boxes.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

NIKEiD Experience | My Honey Badger Running Shoes

After injuring my foot running a 10k in Central Park over a month ago, I realized I have a wide foot and needed to purchase wide running sneakers.  I bought the snazzy pair of black New Balance sneakers for photography gigs you see in the post here.   They are so NOT stylish but they were wide and comfortable.  I wanted just that in a running sneaker but every wide running sneaker I found in the store were anything but stylish.  I never bought Nike sneakers in the past because I thought they were painfully narrow.  I never knew you could order them online in wide plain boring white sizes.

I wanted to order Nike sneakers because Jay bought me the iPod Touch and Nike + Sensor for my birthday.  I haven't been able to use the Nike sensor without a pair of Nike + sneakers to put the sensor in.  So that's when I discovered I could pay a little extra to custom design my own Nike running shoes with NIKEiD.

I picked about every color available because well, I like color!  You can even choose 5 letters to imprint on the heal of the shoe, more about that in a minute.  My shoes shipped 12 days after I ordered them via UPS.  Then it took another 8 days in transit from China to New Jersey.  I would have gotten them a day sooner if they didn't arrive in Philadelphia from Louisville, Kentucky only to make an additional trip back to Kentucky before coming back to the NJ area.

So here are my new NIKEiD running shoes, shield your eyes if you must because they are bright and I LOVE them!

The exact model is Nike Air Pegasus+ iD (wide) but I am calling them my "Honey Badger's"

HoneyBadgerNikeID - 01

My friend Lindsay and I have an obsession with Randall videos, especially "The Crazy Nastya$$ Honey Badger".  There is bad language in the video and it is definitely not appropriate for children but if haven't seen the video and aren't near children or offended by foul language you can watch it here.  And if you ever witness a conversation between me and Lindsay you will understand why we call eachother "stupid" and say phrases such as "ewww, gross, larvae, (insert name here) don't care, she's crazy, ooh look, she runs backwards, watch her dig", etc.

Well, Lindsay was at my house yesterday, because I had a photo shoot with her 9 month old son, when my Honey Badger's arrived.  So she made fun of me, told me how good they would be for night time runs (no, they do not glow in the dark) and then took a few photos of me wearing them.  Here I am when she asked me to pose like a super here.  Apparently this is how Super Hero Mrs. Honey Badger would pose.  I will stun you with my insanely bright and colorful running shoes and my laser beam line of sight.

HoneyBadgerNikeID - 03

And see, they are officially "HBDGR" since I was limited to 5 letters.  When you see me running down the street, know my shoes are screaming "Hey watch out, I run extremely slow!".

HoneyBadgerNikeID - 04

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mario and Luigi Lollipops

This is what I've been working on for Nathan's Super Mario Birthday Party. I have a lot of decorations and desserts that need crafting so I figured I'd better get busy right away.

I got the idea to make Mario and Luigi Lollipops out of blow pops and red, green, black, and white poster paper from She has a lot of fabulous ideas for themed parties and supposedly has free templates as well but every link I tried was broken.

So without a template to work from, I had to do a lot of fiddling until I got the lollipops just the way I wanted them.


The adhesive I'm using to attach the hats to the lollipops is not working quite as well as I'd like it to so I think I'm going to have to find something better to use.

Only about 21 more to go!  A Mario and a Luigi Lollipop for each kid at Nathan's Super Mario Birthday Party.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Luau First Birthday Party

My friend is a professional party planner so most of the fun stuff was her idea, I cant take much credit. I loved the paper lanterns hanging over each table and the kids sand bucket and shovel centerpieces with real sand and pinwheels.  I did however draw the hibiscus flowers and some of the surfboards on the centerpieces.


Sangria was amazing!  And the extra sand buckets and shovels were turned into ice buckets, brilliant!


Breanne's mom crafted the cake for Teagan and her friend Landyn. Teagan's half of the cake had a coconut bra, lei necklace, Hawaiian flowers, and a grass skirt all in her favorite, or rather some of my, favorite colors.


Landyn's half of the cake had a Hawaiian shirt, sea turtle, and surfboard.


Her mom is incredibly talented but apparently this was her first and last cake.  Working with fondant is time consuming and costs a lot of money.  I am so appreciative for this beauftiful cake.  I believe everything was edible with the exception of the wooden dowels inside the palm trees. And the sand, was nothing more than light brown sugar if I recall correctly.


We tried to get a family photo at the party but Teagan wanted to be held by my dad so I had him join the picture.  My in laws are in Colorado so they couldn't make the party.  Jay was the only one looking at the camera.  Nathan was saying cheese to something off in the distance.


Then I thought I could grab Teagan and have my dad sneak out of the picture.  Wrong!



With the exception of feeding time, Teagan is going on one year of exclusive breastfeeding showing no signs of being ready to wean, she would much rather be with one of her grandparents.


Teagan enjoyed bobbing for ice cubes in the keg bucket.


Someone handed her to me when she was caught sucking on the nozzle of the keg, ooops.


Jay hung the tropical fish pinata which we ordered super last minute from amazon.


...and after all the kids got a whack, the birthday boy and girl were able to pull the strings together.


I think the bigger kids were dissappointed to find fruit snacks inside the pinata.


But some of the kids were excited.


Jay dumped Nathan's fruit snacks into a cup and since Nathan likes to drink his food that is exactly how he ate the fruit snacks.


And this little girl, who I photographed as a newborn, is getting so big...


...and smiley


All in all the luau was a lot of fun. Here Teagan is with Jay's cousin, there were so many big kids to help out.


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