Monday, April 30, 2012

Just some fun on the deck

Nathan and Teagan love to play on our deck. No toys required.  They toss the cushions down to lay on and jump on.

Deck - 01

Who knows how long this patio set will last, but I don't care, I can always sew new covers for the cushions.

Deck - 02

Having fun on these outdoor pillows makes them happy and therefore I am happy.

Deck - 003a

Deck - 03

Deck - 04

Nathan also likes turning the chairs on their sides, setting up an obstacle course of some sort.

Deck - 05

His sidekick follows his lead.

Deck - 06

Getting Nathan to love on his baby sister is getting much easier.  I love watching their relationship grow.

Deck - 07

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tying up loose ends

Beginning projects is so much fun, but I now have a stack of semi finished projects including sewing the binding on Nathan's bed quilt, sewing the waist and leg bands on his 11 pairs of cloth trainers, sewing buttons on a coat I made for Teagan months ago, sanding and painting those two doll beds...

Most importantly I have clients orders to place, photos to finish editing, new clients on the horizon. This comes first! Well my kids come first but this is right behind me caring for them.

I will not begin teeny tiny quits for those doll beds, I will not begin teeny tiny quilts for doll beds....

I will not try to improve my knitting skills by attempting to knit a new hat, I will not begin any new projects until I finish the old!

Basically I've got a lot of loose ends to tie up.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

it's been one week

An entire week without posting here. And I can barely consider this checking in. We've been extremely busy, enjoying the weather. On top of having fun filled days, I've been working a lot on the side and filling my almost non existent downtime with projects here and there. In my photo dump below you can see two of my projects that are so close to being finished - cloth training pants and 2 wooden doll beds. I must see these through to completion before I start a new project.

photo dump 4-21-12

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Great Egg Hunt of 2012

Right before Easter dinner, grandma quickly hid some eggs in the yard for an egg hunt. I guess scattered would be more appropriate term to describe how the eggs were hidden. The were definitely far from hidden but perfect for the little ones to spot and gather.

Egg Hunt - 01

Nathan and Teagan's Aunt and Uncle had these Easter goodie buckets personalized and shipped to us.  Aren't they adorable?

Egg Hunt - 02

You can tell by the look on Nathan's face that he was all business, his job was to fill his basket before Teagan.  But it's all good, Teagan was just enjoying the idea of "clean up" with her basket and grandma helped her get some goodies.

Egg Hunt - 03

Egg Hunt - 04

Nathan was in overdrive, racing from egg to egg.  When I mentioned for Teagan to hurry up before there were no eggs left, Nathan started packing his basket even faster.

Egg Hunt - 05

Egg Hunt - 06

He did leave her one little box of peeps.  And wouldn't you know that she took her time getting to the peeps and then when she was right in front of them, she bent over and went to pick one single peep up out of the box to eat.

Egg Hunt - 07

Egg Hunt - 08

The miniature loves of my life, adorable, barefooted, dirty faced little beings of love!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Photo dump and Losing the baby weight

Been keeping busy this past week. I have slowly and successfully weaned myself and the kids off the Easter candy. It was not easy. Teagan still screams "pop", "chockit" (chocolate), and "candy".

Photo dump

photo dump 4-13-12

Losing weight

I always find that losing weight is so much easier and so much more rewarding when you track your weight and take measurements periodically. Two weeks ago (March 29th), I decided to do an official weigh (and measure) in. Now, two weeks later, I am down 4 pounds and 2% body fat. I also lost 5 inches mostly from my midsection but a little from my chest and thighs. I am proud, especially since these two weeks include a 3 day binge on Easter chocolate. I've been drinking alot more water, eating healthier, running a few days a week, and taking my favorite Advocare supplements. I can write more about this in another post.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


This girl and her doggie named "Doogie" are inseparable.

Teagan Doogie

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The night I ate dinner on the bathroom floor

It all went down like this:

We came home from playing at McDonald's to more early evening playing in the driveway. We happily rode scooters, balance bikes, and colored with egg shaped sidewalk chalk.

We were having so much fun that we didn't realize how quickly the sunset and evening chill were approaching. But fortunately, or maybe unfortunately for me, those two things also come with a side of crankiness.

After coming inside, I figured it would be best to feed the kids something quick and then deal with dinner for myself and Jay who was a little late coming home from work.

I had my dad stay until I served dinner. He was was playing with us this afternoon, so I had him give Teagan a paint marker to make her happy while I heated up some pasta for the kids. Paint markers plus Teagan, means painted skin, means dinner time quickly turned into bath time. Although it didnt matter, bath time was unavoidable after playing in McDonald's, it's a requirement.

So I filled up the bathtub dreaming about what food I would ultimately put in my belly.

Bath time over. I diapered and dressed one of the two kids. I figured I could deal with Nathan's pajamas when we got downstairs after I got a little something to eat.

So I poured a bowl of Cheerios for myself and a small bowl for Teagan because she was standing at my feet. But she didn't want dry Cheerios, she saw me pour almond milk in my bowl and that's what she wanted so I poured her bowl into mine and said, " fine, we will share".

Then I coaxed her into following me into the living room and sat on the sofa when I saw Nathan, naked and doing his version of the potty dance.

I reacted, bowl of Cheerios in hand, baby girl one step behind me.

"Quickly, Nathan. Potty, now!"

Sitting on the floor, I urged Nathan to stay on the potty. Teagan ate two spoonfuls for every one spoonful I fed myself and then proceeded to point at my chest as if using the force to pop open my blouse.

And that, my friends is the story of the day I ate dinner on the bathroom floor.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Morning

Easter morning was a lot prettier than Easter evening.  This is the first year celebrating a holiday that I realized how terrible candy and sugar could be for little ones.  It was even worse than Halloween because both kids started eating chocolate and sugar as soon as they woke up.  I think next year their Easter baskets will be less focused on candy.

Easter Morning - 01

I am very grateful to have a bounce house, our original bounce house was a Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa, and after we found that one defective we received this one as a gift from Nathan and Teagan's Uncles and Aunt. It is good for burning (kids) energy and for (adults) relaxing.

Easter Morning - 02

Easter Morning - 03

Easter Morning - 04

After bouncing, we took a walk to the park while the ham was cooking in the oven.  I didn't want to leave the house with the oven on but I also didn't want to keep the kids cooped up in the house with sugar highs.

Nathan let his penguin, Captain Hook, ride in the stroller with Teagan and her "doogie".  What terrific weather we had and I am so happy their were no falls from the slide this time.

Easter Morning - 05

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Visiting the Easter Bunny

Since my husband was off for Good Friday and I still had not brought the kids to see the Easter Bunny at the mall, we figured it would be a good day for it. Actually Good Friday was probably the worst day for visiting the Easter Bunny but we were running out of time for the traditional Easter Bunny photo.

Visiting Easter Bunny - 01b

We waited on a little line but the kids were pretty patient.  About as patient as two young kids could be.

Visiting Easter Bunny - 01a

We had been promising them a visit to Chuck E. Cheese since they were so good for their Easter portraits earlier in the week.  That was a nice bargaining chip while waiting on line.

Visiting Easter Bunny - 01

I thought Teagan was going to freak out on the Easter Bunny's lap, if it were anything like her visit with Santa a few months ago, but surprisingly she loved "Mickey".  I guess she thinks all stuffed mascot type creatures are Mickey Mouse, including Chuck E. Cheese, whom she is not so fond of.

Visiting Easter Bunny - 02

Visiting Easter Bunny - 03

Visiting Easter Bunny - 04

Visiting Easter Bunny - 05

As soon as they had their photos taken, the Easter Bunny took a short break.  Nathan decided to be the stand in Easter Bunny, he hopped right up onto his bench and announced out loud to the people behind us in line, "sit on this Easter Bunny's lap".  He seriously cracks me up.

Visiting Easter Bunny - 06

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hippity Hoppity, Easter Photos

Easter is but a few days away and I was determined this holiday not to leave our photo session until the day of or worse, after the holiday itself.

Easter Shoot - 01

I feel relieved.  Holidays give me a good reason to put aside a few hours of my time, coordinate some cute outfits for my kids, and make wonderful memories to treasure.  I focus so much of my time on my clients and don't want to disturb my memory cards in between sessions.  Most photos of my children these days are courtesy of my iPhone, which has an amazing camera for daily memories by the way.  But I am trying to change this by using my backup camera day to day and building my stash of memory cards.  You can never have enough memory cards, in my opinion.  Although I also believe you can never have enough cameras, but don't tell my husband, he may just have a stroke.

Easter Shoot - 02

Nathan was really into having his picture taken, which is a very new thing. It may have something to do with us dangling Chuck E. Cheese over his head. Whatever the reason, I am thrilled that nowadays he is doing something, pausing, and then telling me to take his picture. There is hope for Teagan. I swore Nathan would never ever cooperate for a photo and now he is an angel.  I have exactly three photos of Teagan from our Easter shoot where she is not crying.  The photo below she is moments away from bawling.

Easter Shoot - 03

I adore this photo of the two of them together even though I can tell how Teagan is feeling about not being in my arms.  I can hear her repeating "hold you, mama!"

Easter Shoot - 04

And again, my little ham, appearing to be part perfect little gentleman and part ladies man.  I am going to instill the gentleman in him.

Easter Shoot - 05

And one last one of Teagan, not smiling, not crying, but investigating one of God's great creations.  Wonderment, I'll take it!

Easter Shoot - 06

Have a Good Friday and a Great Easter, y'all.  I really don't say y'all day to day but my gut instinct was to type it there and that's exactly where I will leave it.

Easter Shoot - 07

Ahh I just remember, we still have to dye eggs and visit the Easter Bunny!! Is the mall open Good Friday?  I suppose it will be Saturday.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tumbling down

This morning both grandpas came over to enjoy pancakes cooked by Chef Nathan and to encourage him to eat. In the end after much coaxing, he ate an entire big pancake with butter, syrup, cinnamon which he calls "pep" and confectionary sugar which he just calls "powder". Actually, scratch that. Although that is his normal recipe for making pancakes, today he requested cream cheese. You know, just to keep us on our toes.

I am convinced that Nathan is motivated to eat by grandma, who comes prepared bearing goodies, treats, and surprises all in exchange for eating food. Nathan learned at a very young age that inside grandma's purse one little boy may find stickers, lollipops, mini flashlights, and PEZ, among other treasures. It was grandma's brilliant idea to have Nathan included in the food prep. If he doesn't eat, then at least he is with us at meals.

After Nathan helped Gappa Bill make the pancakes, Gappa Frank helped encourage him to eat the pancake. Ok, so a little bribe was on the line, and my dad may now be having a sleepover, but I am happy Nathan ate breakfast.

After breakfast, and after treatments, we went to the park in our neighborhood.  It was just a normal trip to the park, except for the fact that Nathan accidentally did a front flip off the 8 foot high spiral slide, like a full front flip, tumbling down to the ground, and landing flat on his back.  I. was. scared. to. DEATH!  It played out in slow motion yet I couldn't get there fast enough.  I am very thankful he landed flat on his back and didn't injure his neck or worse.  Nathan was pretty upset, although he didn't cry, I am pretty sure the fall knocked the wind out of him as he kept coughing.  He told me he was mad I didn't catch him, and I just told him I was sorry he fell down and I was sorry I couldn't catch him.

Like I said, I am glad it's over, and I am glad Nathan is not hurt.


I also spoke with the nurse at Nathan's clinic regarding his sputum culture.  He cultured staph only, I'll take it.  Definitely could be worse.

His previous cultures:
December 2011 - normal flora only
October 2011 - MRSA only
July 2011 - pseudomonas and MRSA

Wednesday Photo Dump

Happy Wednesday!

photo dump 4-4-2012

I want to thank my supportive blog readers. Although I am uninsured and Jay will soon be uninsured, Nathan and Teagan are covered under NJ insurance. I appreciate the suggestions offered to me in the comments. We know nothing new regarding the deductions from Jay's paychecks but we think the problem has been solved. The pension will continue to be deducted but at as far as we know the insurance will no longer be deducted.