Thursday, January 31, 2013

You Have to Take the Good with the Bad

“You have to take the good with the bad, smile when you’re sad, love what you’ve got and remember what you had… Always forgive but never forget, learn from your mistakes but never regret, people change, things go wrong, just remember, life goes on.”


Perhaps I'll try make this my mantra. Today I'm feeling happy but I know a good portion of each month my soul feels sad and empty. Smile. Smile. Smile.

Tomorrow is the end of Nathan's third week of Day Treatment Program at the Feeding and Swallowing Center. No doubt he has made HUGE, and by huge I totally mean ENORMOUS improvements.

Not only has the volume of his solid meals increased from zero ounces to three, but the variety of foods is incredible. He accepts anything I purée, sometimes complaining and protesting but with mouth wide open.

The mashed foods are not as easy for him. He really labors while chewing and tires quickly. He gags occasionally but with firm pressure under his chin we can usually save him from vomiting. Today however, the chin support was not enough.

While I was the feeder for two meals at treatment and the evening meal at home, he gagged often and vomited all three meals.

Better luck tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's too late

It's really just too late for me to blog, let alone function, so this will be short and sweet.

In the evenings and weekends, we have still been feeding him 2 ounces puréed food and 1 ounce mashed fruit, followed by 1 ounce vodka for mama, just kidding - kinda.

No, really it's been going great. It seems like I'm not the only one who adores structure. Nathan has been doing super.

In treatment, he has been doing 2 ounces purée and 1 ounce mashed-something-other-than-fruit. Like squash, pancake, Mac and cheese, carrots, rice. "Representation" was as rough for him to catch on as "nonremoval" was but once he realized that spoonful of food he spit out was going to keep being presented for him to chew until he did so, and swallowed.

As soon as I'm trained on representation we will add the non fruit mashables at home.

Now, goodnight from one exhausted yet currently at peace, mama.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekend 2 Day Treatment

I haven't felt much like writing but figured I'd at least give a quick update on Nathan's progress.

The team increased the volume of his feeds to 2 ounces purée and 1 ounce mashed fruit, which is the only mashed he currently somewhat tolerates. As long as it has enough natural liquid once mashed he will slightly chew and swallow.

Next week I believe the rules will change so he gets refed the mashed foods he expels without even trying.

The program is fantastic and honestly I'll be even more depressed when it ends because it's been such a wonderful support system even though its been a physical and financial drain on me.

That's all I got for you all today.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Miss A tried reintroducing chewables this morning along with the purées. He expelled the diced strawberries as soon as the piece landed on his tongue.

New purées in addition the the foods already on his ever growing list are: broccoli and squash.

The second and third meals, the chewable strawberries were replaced by mashed strawberries and he did great. He does move the food around his mouth with his tongue so the skill is there he just needs practice.

The fourth meal he had mashed squash in addition to puréed avocado. He did fine with that as well but looked irritated and not with it. Shortly before the final feeding I thought he was out of sorts. I felt him with my chilly hands and thought he may have a fever, sure enough when I mentioned he may be warm, a nurse took his temperature and he was 101.5 in his ear.

He said he felt fine but fell asleep on the way home and is currently still sleeping next to me. Not sure if this is another one of his mystery fevers but I will be using my best judgement on whether or not to attend day treatment tomorrow.


Everything else is going well, I suppose. I'm basically on autopilot at this point. I love all the staff at the feeding clinic, they are doing a wonderful job with my little buddy.

Monday, January 21, 2013

10 ounces today

Nothing lengthy today, just announcing that I'm so proud of my boy for eating 10 ounces of solid (well puréed) food in addition to his usual 24 ounces of pediasure 1.5!

Four meals during day treatment (and I administered two of those feedings) and then one structured meal at home.

Monday's menu included (all puréed):
French toast
Mac n cheese
Sweet potato

He did amazing! He did have a little trouble with the Mac n cheese but it was on the thicker side. As long as I get the spoon far enough back he seems to swallow ok.


I had Nathan with me in an unused feeding room today since the other little CF boy, who just so happens to be extremely adorable and as stubborn as Nathan when it comes to food, was in the playroom today. Nathan was okay with the arrangement, although I am sure I am not as fun of Miss M and Miss G in the playroom.

I think he will be with me tomorrow and Wednesday as well and then next week they will flip flop days.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

We survived

I was so relieved after Nathan's fourth feed today, meaning we survived an entire weekend of feeding him on our own.

Today menu was just like yesterday's because we had surplus purée leftover.

Jay and I flip flopped which meals we fed him. He did fine with the two foods that gave him trouble yesterday, sweet potato and chicken. A little bit of gagging but no vomiting and he was very compliant.

Early tomorrow, we get back into the daily grind of feeding therapy.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

On our own

I must admit, I was terrified at the end of the day yesterday. We have Nathan to feed all weekend long, all by ourselves. Will I remember the rules? Will he comply?

I can only speak for myself, I would like to think Jay was somewhat nervous, but I'm not sure he worries much about anything. He balances out the relationship.

In order to sleep better, I read the instructions carefully, examined his current food list (nothing new introduced), and I planned out all 4 meals.

I was not going to have Jay drag him out of bed at 6:30 am for treatments, we figured we would try to get a little extra sleep. So the only variable would be the meal times, depending on when Nathan woke up.

Knowing that I could sleep in, I woke up at 5:30 am, naturally.

I looked to my right, Teagan and Jay both deep in slumber. I couldn't have been more awake, so I decided to get up for the day. I hopped on the elliptical and into the shower. By the time I was done with all that, Teagan and Jay were waking up.

Nathan woke up soon after and we tried to schedule our day the same as the day program he is attending.

His day went somewhat like this:

• Prevacid immediately upon rising.
• Xopenex, 30 minutes vest, hypertonic saline
• 8 ounces 1.5 cal pediasure, 1/8 teaspoon salt, 5 enzymes (Creon 6)
• Bactrim
• Get dressed, put on orthotics

2 - 3 hours

Meal 1
• 1 ounce greek yogurt
• 1 ounce puréed waffle
• Followed by 2 ounces 1.5 cal pediasure in open cup with enzymes

2 - 3 hours

Meal 2
• 1 ounce applesauce
• 1 ounce sweet potato
• Followed by 2 ounces 1.5 cal pediasure in open cup with enzymes
:: he gagged on sweet potato and vomited, the purée was too thick, once I thinned it, he accepted and swallowed all bites ::

2 - 3 hours

Meal 3
• 1 ounce pear
• 1 ounce sausage, egg, cheese
• Followed by 2 ounces 1.5 cal pediasure in open cup with enzymes

2 - 3 hours

Meal 4
• 1 ounce greek yogurt
• 1 ounce puréed chicken breast
:: this was a tough meal, he accepted all bites without tantrum or complaining, however the texture of the chicken was not smooth enough using my baby food processor. He gagged multiple times and vomited once. We need to get thinner, smoother consistencies with our purées. Ultimately he ate all the chicken, when I allowed him a sip of pediasure after he swallowed. It took 5.5 ounces of pediasure to do it. ::

Bedtime routine

• Zyrtec
• Bactrim
• 3/4 cap Miralax in 2-3 ounces juice
• Xopenex, 30 minutes vest, hypertonic saline
• 8 ounces pediasure, 1/8 tsp salt, enzymes.


All in all I'd say we survived our first day on our own. I'm not going to do chicken again tomorrow unless I can get it smoother. Nathan repeatedly asked for soda, but he listened when we said no snacks or drinks between meals.

We are in awe of this progress. He is even listening a little bit better. After meals he has been trained to place his spoon in the sink. Loving the day treatment program.

It's been a rambling sort of post, but this is me and my rambling mind. Good night, time to plan out tomorrow's meals so I can get some sleep. I just know my eyes are going to pop open at 5:30 in the morning. I may as well just lay out my workout clothes tonight too.

Friday, January 18, 2013

All about daddy

Today was all about training daddy to feed Nathan.

I need backup and support over the weekend so I am so happy Jay took today off.

I fed Nathan his first meal, smoothie and puréed sausage, egg, and cheese, while Jay watching through the glass.

Nathan said the egg mixture had pepper in it, and kept saying the pancake was too spicy. I guess that would be the sausage. Regardless, he at every spoonful.

Jay's first feed was one ounce of smoothie and one ounce of applesauce - confidence building purées as I like to call them. He did terrific, they both did.

His second feed was smoothie and sweet potato, both successful.

His final feed was applesauce and puréed sausage, egg and cheese mixture, again successful.

He has been a pleasure in the playroom, using the toilet all day without any problems. He has also been drinking 2 ounces of pediasure from a cup after each meal.

This weekend is all about maintaining structure and the progress he has made with purées (and hopefully sleeping in at least until 7, fingers crossed).

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My first feed

I've never been so nervous to feed a child puréed food before.

I watched two feedings this morning. The first consisting of berry smoothie and puréed pancake, the second consisting of applesauce and puréed chicken.

He complained about the pancake but ate it no problem. He complained about the "dirty pancake" also known as puréed chicken, and gagged on it.

My first feed was one ounce of smoothie and one ounce sweet potato. He gave Miss Ashley no problem with either but he really tested the rules with me and sweet potato. It felt like I was wrestling an alligator, holding both his hands down with one hand, holding spoon to his face with other hand, waiting for the perfect opportunity to go for it.

My second feed went much better. He must have realized my rules and Miss Ashley's rules were the same. The purées were pleasant choices - smoothie and pear - perhaps to boost my confidence and his.

Tomorrow, Jay took off work to learn how to feed Nathan. I had to have him trained before the weekend so we both know the rules, the schedule, and have each other for support and back up.

I've been in bed by 8:30 pm almost every night this week and asleep by 9:00 pm. It is very necessary and quite enjoyable as long as I don't get a case of insomnia at 3:30 am.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wide open

Day 3 - I am seeing improvements with every meal!

Meal 1 -
Nathan opened mouth for and swallowed all bites of his yogurt berry smoothie. He opened his mouth but spit out/gagged on the chewables, diced strawberries and pancakes. He left this feeding very upset.

Meal 2 -

Nathan ate both of the puréed options on command. He is being fed on the command "open". The puréed foods for this meal were yogurt berry smoothie and get ready for this, sweet potato. He spit out every single bite of pancake.

Meal 3 -

Nathan ate the puréed yogurt berry smoothie and another surprise to me, puréed cooked carrots! He spit out the chewable, dices banana.

Meal 4 -

This meal will be happening in 2 hours and will consist of 3 purées, 2 familiar and 1 new. Nathan is doing great, his mouth wide open in anticipation of the spoon. I am watching every single move, gesture, praise his feeder is making, taking detailed mental notes.

Tomorrow I am to bring in food that we would eat for dinner, high calorie options meats, vegetables, which will then be puréed for him. I find it humorous that they've puréed pizza, hot dogs, tacos, etc.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting ahead of myself, again...

First I'll do a quick recap of day two feeding program and the progress Nathan has made.

Meal 1 consisted of a strawberry yogurt smoothie. It was presented the same way as the previous day. A certain number of "bites" were offered. He was given the opportunity to feed himself first prompted by "take your bite" and then 5 seconds later she presented spoonful in front of mouth and said "open". He turned his head to the side for the entire feeding, sometimes smiling in a smart way, seemingly looking right through the glass at me.

Meal 2, the rules changed. We continued with the same yogurt berry smoothie but the plan was non removal. She explained the new rules and then held the spoon in front of his mouth, said "open" and then continued to hold the spoon there until he opened his mouth, even if only slightly. He did NOT like this at all.

By meal 4 he was reluctantly taking spoonfuls of yogurt smoothie in this manner. Toast bits were a complete vomiting failure and diced strawberries were somewhat successful.

We had a goals meeting and the ultimate goal is a variety of foods (4 from each food group) most likely in purée form.

Now let me address where I am getting ahead of myself.

I found out there was another CF child currently enrolled in the day treatment program while I was explaining my concerns on Day 1 about him being exposed to germs. The response was "it's ok, we have another child with cystic fibrosis and we keep everything extremely clean". I'm ok with this response because prior to Nathan I wouldn't have known either.

The child is not present this week for some reason or another but I explained that our two children can not be near each other because of infection control.

Today, during the goals meeting I was told Nathan would be switching occupational therapists because the one we were assigned (I loved her) was also assigned to the other child. Also next week, when the other child presumably returns, Nathan will spend 3 days with me in the waiting room and 2 days in the playroom. The third week they will switch days again, and I'm guessing the 4th week as well.

I should really just be worrying about commuting in the snow tomorrow. But I can't stop thinking about how I wish it could just be status quo participation in the day program. Not complicated by Cystic Fibrosis for once.

The glimmer of hope I had that perhaps I would drop Nathan off the days I was not needed next week and have my husband pick up on way home - smashed to pieces.

Now I have to be present to supervise Nathan (and Teagan) all day in the waiting room on the days Nathan cannot be in the playroom with the other CF child.

I can't even really escape in between feeding sessions. Two extremely long days completed, 18 even longer days to go. I am praying that the change in plans does not adversely affect his progress in the program. I somewhat remember reading that parents would be separated from children in the morning and reunited at the end of the day. I don't know if it is for a specific reason, like for kids who have separation anxiety which Nathan certainly does not have.

I guess I should really be praying that my mind and anxiety be relieved and that I try not to get ahead of myself.

Oh and Nathan sounds very nasally and congested tonight. ***One minute at a time, Christina, one minute at a time

Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 1 - Feeding and Swallowing

Early morning:

I had to wake Nathan up, as anticipated. Whenever we have someplace to be they always want to sleep. His exact words were "people are supposed to be sleeping when the sun is not up". I will have to remember that one on the weekend.

Jay went into work late this morning and I still had a hard time making it out of the door on time therefore I will be getting Nathan out of bed 30 minutes earlier tomorrow. Laying out clothing the night before was a HUGE help, definitely doing that again tonight.

CF fat soluble vitamins turn his mouth orange.

Day 1 of Day Treatment Program

The commute was awesome, as awesome as a commute can be. I know I will get punished with loads of traffic tomorrow for saying that. We arrived in the parking lot exactly at 9 am.

You know when you are in a terrible rush and you'd rather just carry the kids to the destination to get there faster? Well, that's how we crossed the parking lot. Once we entered the building I realized I couldn't do it with two children and several bags so I made the biggest mistake of my life...I put Nathan down onto "the fire".

Tantrum "ouch, I am on the fire" ensues and continues all the way from the front entrance, past several staring individuals, into the elevator, to the second floor, past an entire long hallway of staring patients, and into our waiting room.

At that point I was so extremely frustrated that I couldn't wait to turn him over.


Weight - 39 pounds, I am pretty sure scale ready 38.5 pounds but whatever

After feeding him his first meal which ended up being 1 ounce of pediasure, we walked Nathan to the playroom. I got the low down and then was escorted to the family waiting room which to me was like a prison, never going there again. 4 walls, no windows, no bathroom (big problem for mrs. I need to pee every 15 minutes, and no I am not pregnant).

Nathan's second, third, and fourth meal looked exactly like this:

Head turned to the side, avoiding eye contact with food. These three meals consisted of yogurt, strawberry, and bread pieces. Not a single bite all day long. After his second meal he had one ounce of pediasure from a cup and after his third meal he had two ounces of pediasure from a cup, which is progress in itself - pediasure from a cup and not from a bottle.

His behavior in the playroom was exceptional, no tantrums, very polite, and was quiet during rest time.

Tomorrow will be a goals meeting, we will see what is in store for Nathan.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Feeding and Swallowing Day Treatment Program Begins Tomorrow

On Tuesday, at our follow up appointment at the feeding and swallowing center, the doctor wanted Nathan to begin the feeding program. The earliest opening was at the end of February however I received a call Thursday letting me know a slot had opened and they hoped Nathan could fill it.

This is a good thing because it gives me less time to sit here and wonder how difficiult it will be to manage travelling back and forth to Paterson, arriving by 9 am in traffic, every single day for an entire month.

Tomorrow is Day 1, I don't have time to think about it or let my anxiety spin out of control, I just have to go with the flow. All I know is this - tomorrow morning I will be running around my house like a chicken with my head cut off. Teagan will most likely be making a pajama appearance in the waiting room. I'll probably pack her an outfit and change her after I finish with the admission process.

For the next 4 weeks, Monday through Friday, I will be separated from Nathan 9 am to 4/4:30 pm. I have high hopes that there will be improvement in his eating abilities and habits. Some of those days, I and other family members will be participating in feeding sessions. Other days I will just wait for him, viewing his feeding sessions through a one way mirror. I am hoping to not have Teagan with me every single day, that would be awfully boring for her. I have had many people offer to help, and I appreciate that. I want her to still go to preschool during Nathan's Day Treatment so her world isn't turned completely upside down.

We shall see how it goes. Tomorrow I am only needed first thing for paperwork and the admission. I just need to get his treatments done before leaving. Maybe I will take a trip to Ikea with Teagan to pass some time before picking him up. I don't want to be driving too much, on top the 80 miles there and back.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How will this all work out

I'm scared about this day program. I already have trouble fitting myself into the daily equation. How will I survive however long this program is going to last?

I am going to have to drive Nathan to a clinic every day 40 miles away, and have him there by 9 am all while dealing with rush hour traffic and getting his treatments done before we leave.

Then since it is an hour away, I will be sitting there all day twiddling my fingers, or getting aggravated by Teagan most likely.

At 4:30 pm, he will be dismissed to me and I will drive him home in rush hour traffic again.

Hopefully we will get home at 6. We will eat dinner, do baths, treatments and bed.

I know this is what he needs but I am seriously going to lose myself, throw my healthy eating, time for running, and sanity out the window - feeding and swallowing program will soon be taking over my life. I'm even going to refrain from scheduling photography sessions during this time period because I will not be able to handle it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Feeding and Swallowing - Finally making improvements, perhaps

If you asked me how Nathan was doing this morning in the eating department, I would have sighed, "not well". It's never going well, and I would still respond that way this moment. He would not even eat a slice of toast with butter this morning because the crumbs of toast were on top of the butter and he didn't want specks of tomato on his bread. And if he actually ate the slice of bread, it would have taken an agonizingly long time period of me nagging him. And how much nutrition is in bread anyway?

But again, I have hope that this will all be a thing of the past.

After appointment at Feeding and Swallowing Center, we purchased a car seat for feeding and ingredients for smoothies at Target. I explained how we would make a smoothie and eat it in his carseat at his own table. We were unable to find tray tables at Target.

Knowing my dad had just replaced the chairs in his waiting room, I called to see if he had gotten rid of his old chairs yet since they were sturdy and would be perfect to attach his new feeding car seat to.

He brought one over for me and I tried to attach his car seat to it but the latch doesn't reach without putting the chair at an extremely reclined level not appropriate for eating. So I just sat the car seat in the chair until I can figure out how to get it so he can sit upright.

6 pm - We made one of the premixed smoothie packets (although I did buy frozen fruit and full fat Greek yogurt with him at Target as well so we can make our own fruit packs). I portioned 1/2 cup of the smoothie into a bowl and was planning on feeding it to him via spoon but shockingly he wanted to feed himself. It would have been easier via straw but the purpose of this is to get him accustomed to spoon feeding so we can eventually branch out into new foods not on his preferred list, like puréed carrots. Back to square one, spoon feeding, but I have faith in the plan.

I was unsure if I should have let him feed himself since I also need him to get used to me feeding him, because he will never present himself with a spoonful of carrots.

The plan of attack was supposed to go something like this:

Me present him with a spoonful of food on a plate. Give him 5 seconds to pick up spoon and feed self. If he doesn't, I present spoon, give him 5 seconds to open mouth. Repeat. Ignore tantrums etc. Give short praises.

The other news is - The doctors want Nathan to begin the day program later in February, which is the earliest opening. This is going to be daily - 9-4:30 for I don't know how many days/weeks. I'll go into this further at a later time but I am excited and also exhausted thinking about it.

I also have to rethread the straps.

Orthotics adjustment period

Last Wednesday we picked up Nathan's orthotics and he began wearing them for 1 hour, adding one hour each day. It was rough in the beginning. He complained that it hurt.

Now we are up to 6 hours wearing them daily with the ultimate goal of wearing the sure step orthotics for all waking hours.

He no longer complains or sits still while they are on. I've discovered that the shoes over them (which keep him from slipping) are too tight. I've been doing tall sock under and short sock over in the house and that seems to have done the trick.

Now I wonder if the sneaker has some purpose beyond allowing him to walk without slipping. I must ask.

But now I need to find a pair of wide sneakers for him that fit. I wanted to bring him to Stride Rite to get measured and to try them on but I know he is going to want Darth Maul or The Hulk, or another superhero shoe that isn't wide enough with Velcro he isn't supposed to have.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Nathan's Sure Step Orthotics

He hates them. He got them two days ago and started by wearing them for one hour, then yesterday he wore them for two hours and today he has to wear them for three hours. He complained for two hours straight, saying "oh, they hurt". And Nathan is a boy who very rarely complains about anything hurting him.

I am sure adjustment would have been much easier had he gotten them much sooner, like when he was two. At his two year checkup I mentioned I had a concern about his pronated feet but this issue was not addressed.

Apparently the process to correct his feet takes 5 years. If we are not compliant and discontinue sooner, it will have all been a waste. So now Nathan gets to wear these until he is 9 and a half which for him will be midway through 3rd grade. Are kids already brutal at that age?

He really isn't all that sad in this last photo, I think he is more annoyed with me photographing him and getting in the way of Lego Batman.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in review and 2013 resolutions

I am always intimidated to share my resolutions because I usually want to change something about myself that is not quite up to par.

Not only that, sharing also has something to do with accountability. Gosh, like back in November when I started the 30 Days of Thanksgiving and got all the way to day 15 or so.

And the many times I've started an Advocare 24 Day Challenge yet never completed. The 24 day challenge just so happens to be on sale until January 15th so perhaps now would be a good time to try again. Same thing goes for the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I am a non-completer and that's nothing to be proud of.

I did read one book in 2012 - I am sure you can guess which one.

50 Shades of Grey. Were you right?

But then I started reading 50 Shades Darker and never completed because well, it was boring.

Let's see, what did I fully complete in 2012? Here is 2012 in review (projects and happenings):

• Sewed a full size quilt for Nathan
• Sewed red stripes on white drapes and making galvanized curtain rods from pipes, also for Nathan
• Sewed cloth training pants for Nathan but only completed about half. The rest are halfway through the process. At this point I should just finish and sell the remainder.
• made 2 wooden doll beds
• participated (and completed) flats and hand washing diaper challenge
• anniversary camping trip to Lake George. We left a day early but I'm not counting this as an incompletion.
• finished breasffeeding Teagan at a week shy of 23 months.
• improved my knitting (and a little bit of crocheting) skills with all sorts of hats and small projects
• very short, incomplete trip to Myrtle Beach
• one hospital admission, with an early discharge.
• finally got our family portrait updated.
• Nathan plays his first season of soccer.
• weekend trip to Virginia before Halloween turns into a very long weekend trip thanks to Hurricane Sandy.
• feeding battle continues with Nathan and we begin visiting the feeding & swallowing center.
• we spend Thanksgiving in Virginia and then continue our road trip to spend a week in Florida.

It's been a busy year full of memories, ups and downs, fun times and not so fun times. But now onward to 2013. And now I'll share my goals and resolutions for the new year:

Sort through, donate, organize, pack away all outgrown clothing. (This is something I am at least a year behind in and it is the cause of chaos upstairs).

Lose 43 pounds. Run more consistently eat healthier, don't eat my feelings/emotions.

Read more books.

Fiddle less with my phone while in presence of my kids, friends, and family.

Since I continually run 5k races and have completed a single 10k, my running goals are to participate in a color run or a tough mudder and another 10k. Oh yea, and I'll be dragging my husband with me.

Have both kids fully toilet trained by 2014. And no more additions to our family until at least 2015, if at all.

Household projects/goals:

Shelving in Nathan's closet. This was a goal of 2012 that I have all ironed out in my head but never came close to putting my plan into action. Also need to hang photographs in his bedroom.

Complete basement playroom.

Sand and paint kitchen counter chairs.

Overhaul mulched planting beds near front door. 3-4 bushes plus a nice area to plant annuals. The perennials must die! Also get the cranberry colored storm door I've been wanting for many years.

That's all I can think of for now.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Orthotics are Ready

We pick up Nathan's orthotics at the Feeding and Swallowing Center first thing in the morning. His feet were measured three weeks ago and I got the call saying they were ready last week.

He picked the comic book "superhero" design and I have been playing up his special super hero shoes for the past couple weeks hoping that it would make the adjustment to wearing them a bit easier.

I know he is going to be giving us a hard time wearing them because they are supposed to be on during waking hours. Just one more thing to remember and fight about. But it is a new year (Happy New Year!) so I'll be hopeful.

Christmas Morning 2012

Another image heavy post. Christmas morning in one word: Magical.