Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mauli Ola Sam Hammer Surf Experience Day

It was perfect timing that I would happen to glance at the Mauli Ola Foundation website after seeing one of my Instagram friend's photo of her son wearing a Mauli Ola t shirt.  I've known about the foundation for years thanks to my very good friend, Lisa, but have had the worst timing with their national tour.  It is so unlike me to register for an event less than two days away and I am proud of my spontaneity this weekend.

It took us a good three hours to get to the surf location in Lavalette, NJ.  We literally stopped on the shoulder of almost every single highway for potty breaks.  15, 80, 287, 24, (skipped 78), and the GS Parkway - we marked them all.  I thought we would never get there.  I knew for sure we wouldn't arrive on time.   

Almost an hour late, Nathan was excited to wear the red Mauli Ola rash guard and didn't seem to care that the remaining wet suit was several sizes too large.  

He was paired with his surf pro and they went out...

...and moments later they came back.

So...Nathan never did actually surf.  He told us he was scared and we tried every bribe in our book.  But he just didn't want to do it this year.  He had a great time playing in the ocean water and sand nonetheless.

We will be back next year and we will be ready to surf.  

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