Monday, December 30, 2013

Baby Felix

Photo below is of Nathan and Grandpa Felix before Christmas.  Nathan adores him.

The huge news is that Baby Felix was born Christmas morning!!!!  The remainder of the photos are from the breeder, although we all know I would have loved to photograph the birth of Felix Christmas.  That's his (or her) proper name decided by Nathan.  

These first three photos of the pug puppies are from Christmas day.  Didn't she have a huge litter??!  9 puppies - 6 girls, 3 boys!  I am in love.

I love how the puppy here has its paws straight back.  I am naming this "pug torpedo".

The rest of the photos I received today.  They are still under a week old.  I can't wait until they are 5 weeks old so we can go visit and select our puppy.

Look at all the rolls!  Lots of rolls, face rolls, wrist rolls, rolls, rolls, rolls!