Tuesday, January 21, 2014

21/365 {My Cleaning Lady}

She dumped the entire can of soda on the kitchen floor, it is only fair that she would be the one to help clean it up.  Actually Jay cleaned the mess and, after I continued to stick to the floor, I mopped it, and then little lover of cleaning demanded the mop.

And yes, I loved the hospital mop so much (the one that was used daily to clean Nathan's room) that I had to have one too.  What I love most is the adjustable handle which make mopping for us tall folks alot more comfortable and has 18 inch wide microfiber mop pads to clean a larger area in less time.  The entire system is commercial (Rubbermaid Hygen ) but available to order online.  We ordered ours from Amazon after his last hospital admission (links above).

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