Sunday, February 2, 2014

33/365 {Choosing Baby Felix}

Today was the big day - our day to pick Baby Felix.  Nathan selected his pug puppy as soon as he walked into the breeder's living room.  I don't know how he chose because they all looked very similar and they were all sleeping, but it was within moments and it wasn't the pug with the red collar it was the one with the light green collar.  It's a GIRL!  

Apparently "this was the Felix that does the most tricks", as Nathan positions her on the swivel chair to give her a ride.  

As of now, which of course could still change in Nathan's mind, her name is Baby Felix Valentine {since we will be taking her home a few days after Valentine's Day}.  I can think of the nicknames already, "Baby", "Baby F"... We are proud parents in anticipation of our little stinky lady coming home.  Grandpa Felix was sniffing our laps like crazy after this meetup!

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