Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our Christmas Tree 2014

This year, choosing our Christmas tree was almost a complete disaster.  The day couldn't have been any colder.  The kids were freezing cold and did not stop complaining.  Teagan did not dress appropriately and honestly I would have ditched the whole affair if it were up to me.    

We have a smaller artificial tree from our apartment days that is always a backup.  This year would have been a perfect year to go that route but Jay was determined to get a real tree.  We quickly walked up and down the rows of trees and picked one.  We called Nathan over and put Teagan in front of the tree for a very quick picture.  

Once Nathan realized that we chose the tree for them he became very upset.  He wanted a tree that cost an additional $20 and was half the height and double the width.  I honestly didn't think he would ever get over the meltdown.

That evening he had no problem cutting the netting off the tree and now at least a week later he seems to like our tree.

It took over a week to decorate the tree in stages.  The kids broke a half dozen Hallmark ornaments while they waited a couple of days for Jay to get the lights up.  I think I am just going to buy Krazy Glue in anticipation of Christmas.  Hallmark ornaments are cute and don't shatter but they break, ALL THE TIME!

Once we got the lights up, then the ornaments went up.  Then another couple days passed and the star went up.  Another couple of days passed and the garland went up.  Another couple of days and we found our bubbling lights.  I think whatever the tree looks like now is good enough.  I'm too tired for this.

I'll have to post an updated photo of our decorated tree.  The ornaments move on a daily basis, and I'm sure that little lady dressed in pink above is the culprit.

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